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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

LIVE Text Messages and Twitter Feed from Men’s Nationals

Recently, I have been spending a great amount of time watching Powerlifting meets on UStream. What a great way to share and promote the sport! I have even used the video stream as “instant replay” while I was watching the meet in person (3-5 second delay depending on location).

There is one major problem: Not everyone has time to watch every lift all day long. We are busy!

What if I sent you a text message 3 minutes before Knute Douglas begins his squats? Or what if Soto, Tran, Scruggs, and Torres (59kg) are all able to pull for the win on their last deadlift?


If you are available, you can decide if you want to stream the video to your phone or get to a computer. If you are too busy to watch live, I’ll send you a text letting you know how it ended up.

Let us anticipate the big moments and can’t miss lifts and notify you when they are coming up.

Will you give it a try? Simply send the message @plmen to (706) 622-393(five). That simple, you will be signed up.

Disclaimers & Comments
◆ This is a test, I have no clue how it will go down!
◆ I will not have your phone number and you will not have mine.
◆ If you do not have unlimited text messages, I would recommend you not signing up.
◆ If you want to unsubscribe, reply back with “unsubscribe @plmen”.
◆ Only U.S. phone carriers.


Don’t have unlimited text messages or outside the U.S? Follow us on twitter @PLifting1, the same messages sent via text messages will be on our Twitter feed. New to Twitter? Check out this post on Twitter and Powerlifting.

Thanks for trying this out! Sunday evening after the epic battle in the 120+ class, I will send a survey for you to give feedback and ideas for improvement for the next meet.

First text message goes out Thursday Night!

Preview of 2013 SubJr/Junior/Open Men’s National Championship

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