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Posted by on Jun 21, 2013

Day 1 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Day 1 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Killeen, TX

A great start to the 2013 Teen/Junior/Men’s Nationals! The morning session started with several deep weight classes. Young Texas talent abundantly present on the platform. With many world teams slots up for grabs, it became a very exciting day. Congrats to all the lifters!

SESSION A (Morning) 27 Lifters

53kg/116lb Class (Teen and Junior Only)
Aaron Burch (Mississippi) did not disappoint. This young man has a very promising future. Coach Battenfield had him ready today. Big squatter (212.5kg/468lbs) and big bencher (140kg/308lbs, with no bench shirt). He had a big enough lead to hold on for the win at the deadlift. Totaled 482.5kg/1,064lbs for the win! He will be a great addition to this years Jr. World Team.

“Aaron is a first class individual. Working up to Jr Worlds, he will be working on getting more comfortable with gear.” -Coach Jim Battenfield

Josue Leon (La Tech) had a better day in the squats than at Collegiate Nationals. He squatted 175kg/385lbs, benched 100kg/242lbs. He totaled 465kg/1,025lbs for second place.

59kg/130lb Class
The crowd favorite and experienced Chris Tran (Hattiesburg, MS) put on a show. He made all three strong squats, finishing at 235kg/518lbs. Benched 135kg/298lbs and deadlifted 242.5kg/535lbs. A 9 for 9 day! Totaling 612.5kg/1350lbs.

“Everything came together and we had fun. This was my best performance at a national event. It is now time to start training again for Men’s Worlds in Norway.”  Chris Tran, 2013 USAPL Men’s National Champion


Thomas Soto 575kg/1,268lbs and Jerry Alaniz 560kg/1,235lbs were also impressive. My pick Eric Torres was a no show. I would love to see he and Chris Tran go head to head in the near future.

66kg/145lb Clss
WOW! What a battle and a very deep class. Other than the 120+kg, this could be the most exciting class of the entire meet.

Doc Holloway hit three solid and conservative attempts in the squat. This strategy was very beneficial for him when it came to the Deadlift. He benched 167.5kg/369lbs missing a third of 172.5kg/380lbs. Speaking of strategy: Doc passed his second attempt deadlift to take a one shot third attempt at the win. When the bar was loaded for the win, it was an amazing pull. Definitely the highlight of Friday’s lifting.  Several spectators who have been watching this meet for several years have commented how entertaining this session of light men was.

Doc_Deadlift AM

Coming in second was Jonathan Barang. He was a very solid lifter and impressive. He totaled 682.5kg/1505lbs and won outstanding lifter due to a lighter body weight than Doc.

James Vang had the solid day he needed heading into Junior Worlds. I will let his lifts speak for themselves, Squat 252.5kg/557lbs, Bench 155kg/342lbs, Deadlift 242.5kg/535lbs, with a total of 650kg/1,440lbs.

SESSION B (Evening) 10 Lifters

74kg/163lbs Class
I had heard about Tony Walton’s deadlift, but seeing it personally was worth the trip. Even though he missed his last deadlift, he had a great day. Finishing first and totaling 735/1,620lbs for the win.

Austin Simmons slipped on his second squat attempt, but then made it strong on his third attempt. I believe he had a little left in the tank today. I hope to see him continue to grow into the Junior division. He totaled 705kg/1,554lbs, pretty impressive!

I’d like to make a special note about Christian Dunn (15 years old). He went 9 for 9 today, totaling 520kg/1,147lbs. He basically lifted raw today, but with knee wraps on squat (He opened way too low!). Yes, his name might sound familiar. He is the little brother of Junior and Louisiana Tech outstanding lifter Jordan Dunn. Both Jordan and his father agree that Christian will be a much better lifter than them. It should be fun watching him grow in the future. You heard it first from

Friday’s Outstanding Lifters
Jonathan Bareng 539.9
Doc Holloway 539.2
Chris Tran 532.2

Full results can be found here


Saturday’s Lifting Schedule
9:00 AM – 83-93kg
3:00 PM – 105kg

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1 Comment

  1. Great summary! It’s good to see reports on high-caliber people who happen to be extremely talented. I couldn’t be more proud of my former teammate, Doc Holloway. Quite impressive…


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