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Posted by on Jun 22, 2013

Day 2 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Day 2 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Killeen, TX

If you missed it, here is Day 1 Report


The second day of the 2013 Teen/Junior/Men’s Nationals! Both sessions were exciting with several veteran lifters and lots of young talent. The crowd at the Killeen Convention Center is growing in size and volume. Congrats to all the lifters!

SESSION C (Morning) 24 Lifters

83kg/183lb Class
Knute Douglas put on a show. He backed up the training videos posted on Youtube and went 8 for 9 with a 877.5kg/1,933lbs total! That is a 22.5kg PR over his performances last year at Men’s Nationals and Worlds. Mississippi lifters are few in number, but on top of several weight classes this weekend!

Knute Douglas (below) – Squat 352.5kg/777lbs, Bench 207.5kg/457.5lbs, Deadlift 317.5kg/700lbs


Brooks Conway had a nice day, but to him it was probably very disappointing. He totaled 770kg/1,697.5. However, he jumped 30 kilos from his opener to second attempt and failed twice. It was really close. Why that big of a jump? He was pulling for the junior world team slot. He made a great effort, I thought he had it when it left the floor. He is a solid lifter that has a great future in the open division.

93kg/lb Class
Charlie Conner (below) started the day with a small mistake by missing his opening squat. But he never looked back after that. An impressive grind with 337.5kg/744lbs on squat and huge bench of 270kg/595lbs. He lost his grip on his third deadlift, so his total today was 877.5kg/1935lbs, even though impressive, it will be much improved in Norway.


In second place was the veteran Nick Gutierrez (below), former LSU standout. Moving up a weight class (only weighed 87.8kg) provided a lot of strength. Squat 325kg/777lbs & Bench 222.5kg/494lbs, he was 6 for 6! However, the extra weight affected his deadlift mechanics and was secured his opener. He finished with a 267.5kg/589lbs deadlift, and total of 815kg/1,797lbs. Nick put together a nice game plan for today (despite the deadlift) and he executed it perfectly. He will regroup and make the needed adjustments!



Lauren Cohen was called on depth on his last squat (DQ).

Session D (Afternoon) 10 Lifters

105kg/231lbs Class
This class was deep and anyone’s title going into deadlift.

Luis Jaimes (Below) wins with an 827.5kg/1,824lbs total! Former Northeastern University lifter was the most consistent lifter today. On his third squat attempt one of the spotters touched the weight. He was awarded a fourth attempt and after a gutsy attempt, it made the difference today for the win. After missing his last deadlift he watched two guys attempt to pass him, but it was just too much for Ken Gack (DQ) and JC Wright.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 5.57.41 PM

To be honest, this is the second time I have written this section, I though it was going to end differently.  After JC Wright’s second deadlift everyone in the building knew he was going to get the winning pull up to his knees. The question was how fast was he going to lock it out? We were all wrong! It was a great attempt, and it will give him plenty of training motivation for the future.

Friday Outstanding Lifters
Knute Douglas 587.4
Charlie Conner 554.7
Nick Gutierrez 527.1Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 3.12.07 PM


Full results can be found here

Sunday’s Lifting Schedule
120-120+ – 9:00 AM

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