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Posted by on Jun 23, 2013

Day 3 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Day 3 Report – 2013 Men’s Nationals

Killeen, TX

Day 1 Report  & Day 2 Report


Final day of 2013 Teen/Junior/Men’s Nationals! Both the 120kg and 120kg+ classes were combined into one session. The crowd at the Killeen Convention Center was nice and very vocal on several big lifts today. It was an exciting finish to the premier Powerlifting meet in the country. Thanks to the Killeen crew and Johnny Graham for putting on a great meet.  The spotters and loaders were amazing!


SESSION E (Morning) 25 Lifters


120kg/264lb Class
The stocky veteran Steve Mann (below) executed perfectly! 1000kg/2204lbs total. Every attempt was perfectly planned and picked. He squatted 400kg/881lbs with a little left in the tank. He benched 290kg/639lbs on a second attempt, with a small lock out issue on his third. Deadlift, by far, his best lift (sarcasm) even looked great today 310kg/683lbs. 8 for 9 day. This was an all time personal record total for Steve (secured on his 2nd). Steve is one of the classiest guys in Powerliftng. Good luck to him during his training for Norway.


Texas A&M and Junior lifter Scott Dobbins had a great day! He squatted 350kg/771lbs, a new Texas A&M school record. Another school record with a bench of 255kg/562lbs. He is one of the best collegiate lifters in the country. He totaled 880kg/1,940lbs.

“I needed to pull 678lbs(307.5kg) to make the Junior World Team; that is the reason for the big jump. Before that pull, I was 7 for 7. This was by far my best day with new PR’s” – Scott Dobbins, 2013 Junior National Champ

Michael Rodriquez (SubJunior) was better than advertised (below)! I was really impressed with his composure and adaptability on the big stage. He hit a monster squat of 347.5kg/766lbs for 17 years old. Benched 232.5/512lbs. He totaled 867.5kg/1,912lbs. Let’s put that into perspective… The SubJunior World Record in squat is 335kg, Bench 240kg, and Total 875kg. It won’t be long until he adds IPF World record holder to his list of many accomplishments. South Texas (Kingsville, TX) could not be more excited about SubJunior Worlds being in Killeen (September 1st!!!)

“This was my first nationals. It was very exciting, but I was really nervous about having a good day. It was a great experience.  I’ve been working hard to make the SubJunior team. It will be a little more pressure being in Texas, but it is great that all my family can come.”

Michael Rodriques – 2013 SubJunior World Team Member


120+kg/264+lbs Class
The majority of the crowd showed up to see Blaine Sumner squat 1000lbs+. It happened!, but each attempt was slightly too high to satisfy the judges. Total of 9 red lights. Regardless of depth, it was one of the most impressive lifts I have ever seen.

Speaking of impressive, Joe Cappellino (below) arrived to Killeen ready to take charge of this class. The former Northeastern University lifter put together a great performance. His 410kg/904lbs squat was the best of the day, no question on depth. He benched 315kg/694lbs (very long pause) on his second and then a 340kg/750kg pull. He totaled 1065kg/2,348lbs, which was a new personal record.


Veteran, Randall Harris, made a valiant effort with several injuries. His 3rd attempt squat, called high, was his strongest of the day. His patience and communication with the spotters and loaders was very professional. I hope some of the younger lifters were paying attention. He finished second with a 977.5kg/2,155 total.

USAPL Athlete’s Rep, Mike Zawilinski, missed all three squats due to depth. He took the disappointment well. He started the 120kg+ benches with a “token” bench 125kg/275lbs (raw). He definitely woke the crowd up after such intense squats. With all respect, his attitude and sportsmanship may be remembered more than if he would have hit one of his squats. Mike coached lifters all weekend at the expense of his energy reserve, Thanks Mike!

Sunday Outstanding Lifters
Joe Cappelino 581.9
Steve Mann 575.7
Randall Harris 538.2


2013 USAPL Men’s Nationals Overall Outstanding Lifters
Knute Douglas 587.4
Joe Cappelino 581.9
Steve Mann 575.7
Charlie Conner 554.7
Jonathan Bareng 539.9
Randall Harris 538.2


Thanks for everyone following and reading!  If you liked please leave a comment below.

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