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Posted by on Jun 26, 2013

Final Thoughts – 2013 USAPL Men’s Powerlifting Championships


I hope everyone returned home safe and without hassle. I have decided to add one more post about the 2013 USAPL Men’s National Powerlifting Championships. I met many new people and was able to reconnect with some great friends.

Lifting Quality
The quality of lifting was phenomenal. Even the young lifters chose attempts correctly and executed quality lifts. In several weight classes, first through third was decided by the smallest of margins.

Collegiate Connections
As I was writing the meet reports each day, I came across a common theme regarding most of the lifters placing in the top 3. The vast majority were involved in collegiate programs. In the future, I will investigate why collegiate champions do so well at the open rank. This is more than mere coincidence.

Here are the facts! Six of the eight open winners, were also collegiate champs at one time:
Chris Tran – 59kg Open Champ – 2009 Collegiate Champ (Southern Miss)
Doc Holloway – 66kg Open Champ – 2000, 2001, 2002, & 2003 Collegiate Champ (La Tech)
Knute Douglas – 83kg Open Champ – 2010 Collegiate Champ (Jones County)
Charlie Conner 93kg Open Champ – 2012 Collegiate Champ (East Tenn. State)
Steve Mann – 120kg Open Champ – 1999 Collegiate Champ (Penn State)
Joe Cappellino – 120+kg Open Champ – 2010, 2011 Collegiate Champ (Northeastern Univ.)

Want more?:
Luis Jaimes – 105kg Open Champ – 2012 Collegiate Runner-Up (Northeastern Univ)
Mario Leos – Junior Champ – 2013 Collegiate Champ (U of Texas)
Josue Leon – Junior Champ – 2013 Collegiate Runner-Up (La Tech)
James Vang – Junior Champ – 2012 & 2013 Collegiate Champ (Georgia)
Aaron Gonzales – Junior Champ – 2012 Collegiate Champ (Sam Houston)
Nick Guiterrez – Open Runner-Up – 2007 Collegiate Champ (LSU)
Jeremy Scruggs – Open Runner-Up – 2005 Collegiate Champ (Tarrant County)
Randall Harris – Open Runner-Up – 2000 Collegiate Champ (North Texas)
Michael Hafenbrack – Open 3rd Place – 2004, 2006, & 2007 Collegiate Champ (La Tech)

Live Text Messages
The live text messages (and Twitter tweets) were very popular. I sent a total of 40 text messages over three days and I received great feedback. The majority of texts were sent within 3 seconds of the lights being flipped. I will be experimenting again in the future with several improvements. Thanks to all who followed and provided feedback!

Top Blog Traffic (by city)
1. Dallas, TX
2. Boston, MA
3. Houston, TX
4. Atlanta, GA
5. Killeen, TX (all mobile)
6. Austin, TX
7. NewYork, NY
8. Athens, GA
9. Jackson, MS
10. Baton Rouge, LA

PreMeet Predictions
Well, I went 7 for 9 in my predictions this weekend. My pick in the 59kg class Eric Torress, no longer defending Junior World Champ, was a no show. However, I think it would have been closer than I thought. Chris Tran had a great day! His “best day ever”, according to him. I also picked Randall Harris to win the 120+kg class. Randall was not 100%, but regardless if he was or not, it would have been tough to beat Joe Cappalino Sunday. I definitely underestimated the big man.

Facebook Mistake
I’ll come clean, I dislike Facebook. Matter of fact, I think it is dying. However, I learned a lesson this weekend. Half of the people who read the meet reports were filtered through Facebook. Thanks to Codi Grubbs Smith (@codigsmith) and Zach Cooper (@coachzcooper). Big thanks to both of you!
Of course my wife told me this was going to happen, so when I arrived back home yesterday, she had fresh crow waiting for dinner. Lesson learned! I’ll have a Facebook page up in 48 hours. Once I sign up, please help spread the word about


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