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Posted by on Jun 12, 2013


I’ve been out of the game for a while, a really long time.  I left my shoes on the platform at 2005 NAPF meet in Miami.  I walked away due to life and the stress of completing school.  I dropped everything Powerlifting.  I mean completely out of it, even most of the relationships and friends (sorry).  I didn’t even know that the weight classes changed.  

I have been to ONE Powerlifting meet in 8 years.  But wait, now I have a blog and I am writing about Powerlifting.  Instead of boring you with HOW I got to this point, let me highlight WHY I got back into Powerlifting.

  • I Missed You Guys.  I definitely made some great friends through Powerlifting and in the past few months I have reconnected with some of them.  I even reconnected with some really nice “enemies” of the past (they never were really enemies, just competitors).
  • To Give Back.  No way would I be where I am in my career or life path without Powerlifting’s influence.  The mentors, the travel, the discipline, the struggles, they have all significantly contributed to who I am now.
  • To Democratize Information.  I spent many years collecting, analyzing, and HOARDING quality information.  Now, I would like to help people share information.  This blog is going to challenge Mr. Status Quo.
  • To Help New Lifters.  My hope is to help produce consistent, quality information for new lifters.  I mean, who else is going to read something that I write besides a newbie?
  • To Be a New Lens.  I can now see the forrest AND the trees.  I was an insider, and now I am an outsider.  I have a perspective that only a few have.  A few new skills that I have picked up will help out.
  • To Experiment.  I’d like to experiment with emerging communication strategies in sport.

I hope you enjoy it or hate it, either is fine with me.  As long as someone is reading this, I really don’t care.

Alright,  we have some catching up to do.  What have I missed the last 8 years?

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