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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

2013 USAPL Men’s Nationals Preview


Final preparations are being made by all lifters traveling to Killeen, TX this weekend. The nominations are out and we have seen several unbelievable training videos posted on Youtube in the last couple of weeks. Now it’s time to put it on the platform.

The Men’s Nationals is still the premier meet in the United States even with a multitude of other options and interests on lifters minds. For example, from the 1st Classic World Men’s Championships last week, to the World Games next month in Columbia, a few of the top lifters are not present.

Here are a few reasons why this years Men’s Nationals have drawn huge interest and a large pool of talent.
◆ The National Governing Body (NGB) Meeting will be Thursday, June 20th @ 4:00 PM. Find the agenda here, enough said.
◆ Unlike the Arnold, the Men’s Nationals is completely open, if you hit the qualifying total you are more than welcomed. A spot on the Men’s World team is also up for grabs (Stavanger, Norway – November).
◆ With the inclusion of the Teen and Junior divisions, this meet is the next logical step for two of the strongest programs in USAPL: High School and Collegiate Lifters.
◆ This is a last chance qualifier to make the team of the SubJunior and Junior World Championships. Due to the nomination process of the IPF, the coaches will have to send a finalized list in a matter of days after the meet.
◆ Texas is arguably the heart of Powerlifting in the United States. Did I mention that the SubJunior and Junior World Championships will be held in Texas this year? The perfect storm is brewing for some amazing lifting this weekend (and in two months).

Before the Women get upset with me, the Women’s Nationals is also a premier meet and has many qualities and attributes that could never be replicated by the Men’s nationals. Current discussions are going on that could potentially combine the Men’s and Women’s Nationals together in the future. I am sure it will be discussed at the NGB meeting on Thursday night.

We will be LIVE texting and tweeting from Killeen this weekend. Simply send the message @plmen to (706) 622-393(five) or follow along on twitter @PLifting1. Standard text message rates from your service provider apply. Click here for more details.

Trey’s Predictions & Thoughts

Day One
53kg (Teen/Junior Only) – Aaron Burch. With a rematch of Collegiate Nationals, Mario Leos & Josue Leon (both unquestionably qualified?) will have a younger lifter to contend with. I think Leon will have the bar loaded at the end for the win. Can he pull it?
59kg – Eric Torres. This is not a popular pick and may be considered a long shot. The 59kg class is deep for light weight men. Chris Tran seems to be the consensus favorite, but several guys could easily pull for the win. I’ll be front row!
66kg – Doc Holloway. A champion is hard to beat and that is what Doc is! However, this is a strong class. I’d like to see James Vang put together a strong performance and start looking forward to Junior Worlds.
74kg – Nathan Walton. This class is full of young talent, it will not be a let down after a wild morning session. The two teens Austin Simmons and J.J. Gonzales should provide a great battle.

Day Two
83kg – Knute Douglas. In the last month, we’ve seen the training videos (from several lifters in this class). Now we want to see it on the platform. Don’t count out Brooks Conway & Nick Gutierrez, they are coming on strong.
93kg – Charlie Conner!
105kg – Luis Jaimes. I’m going with the returning champion here. However, he has a big target on his back, and none of the other lifters are going to just give it to him.

Day Three
120kg – Steve Mann. After all these years, it will be fun to watch Steve lift heavy weights. Michael Rodriguez is one of the young Texas lifters debuting on the big stage that I have high hopes for.
120+kg – Randall Harris. Yes, another controversial pick, but I am not convinced that Blaine Sumner will just walk away with an easy win. This class, top to bottom, will be the most anticipated and exciting of the weekend.

Will I go 9 for 9? Is the crystal ball a little confused?

I do wish the best of luck to all the lifters! It’s going to be a great weekend.



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