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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013

Twitter and Powerlifting

Twitter and Powerlifting


Forget Facebook, do we really care about “Likes” anyway? Have you thought about Twitter as a way to stay current with Powerlifting?


What is Twitter?

  • Twitter is a social media platform.
  • Each “Tweet” is a max of 140 characters. Short, sweet, & to the point!
  • Twitter is all about the right now, instant news.
  • See what is trending throughout the world. News breaks much quicker on Twitter than any other media.
  • It’s easy and thoughtless. You can even direct message friends (like text message), and most mobile operating systems have push notifications.

Twitter and Powerlifting

Why Twitter?

  • Facebook may be the most popular, but Twitter is the most RELEVANT social media.
  • I use it to get news feeds and significantly cut down on web browsing. I haven’t watched SportsCenter in years (since Favre retired).
  • Unlike Facebook, it’s not socially awkward to “Unfollow” someone from Twitter.
  • You can be anonymous (yes, the technologically inept Johnny Graham can secretly sign up, be in the Twitter know, and still claim that he doesn’t use technology). I can’t wait for the @faketruck account to show up on Twitter. It’s available; I’ve checked.

Twitter and Powerlifting

Follow your Powerlifting friends, or follow some great lifters and organizations.
Who to follow:

9 for 9 Follows


Sign up for Twitter
1. Set up your account. Go to Twitter. Click “Sign up”.
2. Choose a name (like Facebook it has to be original).
3. Choose your settings: Private or Public. Upload a picture of yourself (Max size 700k).
4. Follow People.
5. Connect with your mobile devices (this is where the information flows).

For more details about commands and hashtags, check this link out.

I barely scratched the surface about Twitter and Powerlifting. Get started and learn as you go. Remember, if your Twitter account is not set on private, you are sending out data for the entire world to see. Be careful, not everyone is ready for this freedom. Your coach is going to hate it.

Who do you follow on Twitter?  Do you believe the Google+ hype?


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