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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013

USA SubJunior & Junior Team Selection Process

USA SubJunior & Junior Team Selection Process

The IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships will be held in the United States this year! Better than that, they will be in Killeen, TX. Killeen is arguably THE centralized location of outstanding young lifters in the country. Compared to meets across the globe, USA head coaches Curt St.Romain (Juniors) and Joe Lewis (Sub-Juniors) will have a much easier time getting the top qualifiers on the platform this year (not to mention easing travel issues). This should bode well for Team USA’s continued success.

Are you a lifter that may be interested in qualifying for this years team or future teams? Here is a link to the USAPL website regarding how to qualify.

Yes, the information can be confusing, especially for High School lifters who do not compete in USAPL/IPF weight classes. In the future, we will help decipher this information.

This weekend the Teen/Junior/Men’s National Powerlifting Championships in Killeen will be the last opportunity to make the SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Teams. Good luck to all the lifters trying to make the team. If you have questions about the process, I will be happy to help connect you to the right coaches.

Note: The qualifying meets for the Junior and Sub-Junior Womens’ teams for this years Junior World Powerlifting Championships have been completed: Official lists may be released by USAPL after nominations have been sent in or directly through nominations on the IPF website.

Here are the links to the qualifying meet results.

Qualifying Meets
High School Nationals (Results)
Collegiate Nationals (Results)
Women’s Nationals (Results)
Teen/Junior/Men’s Nationals (Upcoming June 21-23)


Junior World Powerlifting Coaches Joe Lewis and Curt St.Romain

Head Coaches Joe Lewis (left) and Curt St. Romain (Right)

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