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Posted by on Jul 19, 2013

Day 1 Report – 2013 Raw Nationals

Day 1 Report – 2013 Raw Nationals

Orlando, FL


The start of the competition was a showcase of America’s greatest Women Powerlifters. From teens to masters, first time national lifters (many) to legends Siouz-Z Hartwig-Gary and Hall-of-Famer, Sue Elwyn.

Robert Keller has once again put together an amazing meet. Rob has been involved in Powerlifting for 39 years; he is always trying to improve on his meet. The meet started at 9:00 a.m. on the dot. The pace of the meet is blazing!

Rob has a great crew of spotters and loaders from Florida Gulf Coast University. “They are trained specifically for this pace of lifting,” says Rob. He was even timing his spotters/loaders, and the pace of the meet.

“This morning, we were running 1 attempt per 40 seconds in the squat. Deadlift will go faster.” – Robert Keller, Meet Director

The pace of the meet is of greatest importance to him and his crew. Literally, this meet has its own “beat”! (More on meet pace strategy in a later post.)


SESSION A (Morning)


Women – 47kg/103lb Class
The first battle of the day came from the smallest, but fiercest women in the room! Molly Zunker (TX) and Cheryl Anderson (MN). Neither one was a loser today. Cheryl Anderson was registered as an open lifter, and Molly Zunker a junior lifter. However, they were battling each other in every lift.

Molly out squatted Cheryl. Molly had a solid second attempt squat, but her third attempt was much better. She finished with a 95kg/209lbs. Cheryl had a tough day in the squat only securing one attempt of 77.5kg/171lbs.

The “win” was decided in the bench press. Selecting attempts for the bench was critical for both Molly and Cheryl. Both ladies were breaking respective records, so smaller than 2.5kg increments were allowed while choosing attempts.

Molly selected 58kg/128lbs instead of 57.5kg to break a record. This .5 kg increase became the ultimate difference in the total.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 3.48.13 PM

Cheryl Anderson pulled an amazing deadlift of 145kg/320lbs, increasing her total of 282.5kg/623lbs to win the Open division.

Molly totaled 283kg/624lbs for the Junior title. Good luck to both Molly and Cheryl at the world championships!


Women – 52kg/114lb Class
The legend, Siouz-Z Hartwig-Gary, had a great day! But she did not run away with the win, it was closer at the end than most expected.

On Siouz-Z’s third squat, the perfect number was selected. It was very tough out of the hole, but as she locked out, she started nodding her head to let the spotters know that she had it and not to touch.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 3.51.27 PM

When Siouz-Z Hartwig-Gary lifts, the crowd goes silent.

Coached by her husband Matt Gary, few lifters in the sport get this type of respect, but it was humbly earned over the last 20 years. She totaled 365kg/805lbs for the win!

Not to be out shined by Siouz-Z, Amanda Padgett, Marrisa India, and the rest of the deep and talented class lifted great.

In second place was Amanda Padgett (NC); she totaled 348kg/767lbs.
California lifter, Marisa India was equally impressive today totaling 345kg/761lbs.

Kristine Pollizano (PA) won the Junior division with a total of 320kg/705lbs.


Women – 57kg/125lb Class
As predicted, this was a wide open and deep class. Pam Bartz (OH) wins on body weight!

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 3.50.40 PM

Pam was called for depth on her second attempt squat, but didn’t slow down after that. The win in no way was given to her, she pulled 152.5kg/336lbs on her last deadlift for the win. Former LSU lifter, Pam totaled 352.5kg/777lbs. Great Job, Pam!

In second place, also totaling 352.5kg/777lbs, was Kristi Trussell (MN). She pulled her best of 147.5kg/325lbs, forcing Pam to make a huge jump on her third. Kristi was equally impressive!

Third Place Open, Laura McGuill (TX), 322.5kg/711lbs Total
Fourth Place Open, LynnHoman (TX,M2a), 320kg/705lbs Total
Fifth Place Open, Alyssa Haverson (PA), 315kg/694lbs Total

Junior First Place, Kelly Lin (CA), 340kg/750lbs Total


SESSION B (Afternoon)


Men – 59kg/130lb Class

Eric Kupperstein was, to say the least, a treat to watch today. He gets stronger with age! The young lifters (and everyone in the room) were in awe as he performed each lift.


Eric Kupperstein pulls a huge 255kg/562lbs (notice the double overhand?) for the open division title and a total of 545kg/1,201lbs! That was a new raw personal record for him.

In second place in the Open division and first place in the Junior class was Carlos Buentil, He totaled a very respectable 445kg/981lbs.

Winner of the Teen 3 division was Paul Cataldi with a 417.5kg/837lbs.


Men – 66kg/145lbs Class

This class could have been completed three times and ended in three different ways!

An entertaining battle between Shawn Frasquillo (TX), Andrew Watson (PA), and Jason Haines (FL) was the way to end Friday’s lifting.

With the biggest bench of the class, Shawn Frasquillo was ahead at subtotal, but it was far from over, of course it came down to the last deadlift. Shawn was very solid in the deadlift and pulled 237.5kg/524lbs to push Andrew Watson to the edge of his potential. The winning weight was loaded for Andrew. He missed by the smallest of distance while almost locking out 250kg/551lbs.


Andrew Watson finished second in the open division with a total of 575kg/1,267lbs

When asked about Andrew Watson’s last deadlift, Shawn Frasquillo said, “I thought he was going to pull it like everyone else. He is the best deadlifter of the group.”

Congrats to both Shawn and Andrew. Andrew will be very high on the alternate list for the IPF Classic World Championships.

Teen 1 lifter, Kyle Houser (GA), will be a lifter to watch in the future.  He totaled 437.5kg/965lbs, which puts him with a Wilks of 360.  I would be surprised if we see a higher Wilks from this age group.

Men – 74kg/163lbs Class
In the preview, I predicted a close finish with Sam Derynick to win, but in reality it was Jordan Berke’s (FL) meet. Besides one deadlift (Tim Lamando), he lifted more than everyone in each lift, including the total.

Jordan Berke totaled 615.5kg/1357lbs to win the open division.

In second place was Tim Lamando with a total of 587.5/1295lbs. In a close third was Scott Myers (PA) with a 572.5kg/1262lbs total.

Junior lifter Sam Derynck (MN) totaled 582.5kg/1284lbs which would have put him right in the mix with the open lifters. Sam leads as outstanding lifter for the Junior division after the first day.


Friday Open Outstanding Lifters

Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary 456.4
Pamela Bartz 418.3
Kelly Trussell 411.3

Shawn Frasquillo 461.5
Andrew Watson 456.1
Jordan Berke 447.1


Full results can be found here.

Did you miss the Preview?  Read it here.

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