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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013

Day 1 Report – World Games

Day 1 Report – World Games



WOW! I don’t think that I have ever watched such an intense day of lifting. I love this format of ten lifters per session. How will anyone get any work done over the next three days?


Session 1 – Women Light Weight – 47kg-52kg (103lb-114lb) Class

The opening session was the 47kg and 52kg classes combined. The lifting roster was simply amazing. We witnessed 5 open world records broken (and many more attempts) in one ten lifter session!

Wei-Ling Chen (TPE) stroked the open world record on her second attempt squat (190kg/419lbs). (This lift set the stage for a an impressive and entertaining session!)

On Wei-Ling’s third attempt squat, the judges declared her knees were not locked in order to receive the start command. So, she backed out her third attempt twice, and once she finally got the squat command, it was easy! A new world record of 195kg/430lbs (47kg/103lb class).

Wei-Ling did what she had to do in bench, which was make attempts.  She finished with 95kg/209.4lbs. She was the only lifter to make all 3 bench press attempts.

Natalia Salnikova (RUS) made all three of her squats. All three of her lifts looked identical, with her third squat (205kg/452lbs) appearing to be the fastest. She had an outstanding bench press of 125kg/275lbs, which was only 5kg/11lbs less than the world record standard of 130kg/286lbs. She attempted 127.5 on her third attempt, but it floated over her face, and then onto her face! She seemed to be alright from the incident; her deadlift performance will give us that answer.

In deadlift, Natalia’s opener was easy; so, she took a nice jump on her second attempt to 182.5kg/402lbs. This lift put her into the lead after second attempts! She never looked back after this; she easily pulled it.

Natalia Salnikova (RUS) pulled 190kg/420lbs on her third attempt for the World Games Gold Medal, and she secured a world record total of 520kg/1146lbs in the 52kg class. She was ecstatic!


Wei-Ling missed her second attempt deadlift of 185kg/407lbs, but she came back and made it on her third. This dropped her down to second place. She looked unbeatable after bench, but the squat just took too much out of her today.

Wei-Ling Chen, the IPF Hall-of-Famer and multi-time World Champion, went 8 for 9 with a total of 475kg/1047lbs (new world record in 47kg class) and a Wilks score of 645.32 for second place.

Finishing third, Yukago Fukushima (JAP, also an IPF Hall-of-Famer) made three nice squats; she finished with 185kg/408lbs on her third.

Yukago’s best lift is the bench press where she came in today as the current world record holder. She has one of the shortest press to lock out distances that you will ever see. On her second attempt, she attempted a new world record bench press (126kg/278lbs). The judges requested a “replace” (not sure why, maybe elbows?); with a rushed setup, she was not able to lock out her left arm during the attempt.

On her third attempt, she re-attempted 126kg/278lbs and made it; a new world record!
Yukago pulled 160kg/353lbs on her second attempt finishing with a 471kg/1038lbs total.


Ochoa Vargas Vilma (ECU) had a strong squat.  A new world record of 217.5kg/480lbs (it was a struggle), and the highest Wilks squat of the session.

However, only making one attempt in the bench press (95kg/209lbs), she could not compete with the top 3 lifters for the title.



1st Natalia Salnikova (RUS) 662.9.00 Wilks – 520kg/1,146lbTotal (BW 50.51kg/111.4lbs)
2nd Wei-Ling Chen (TPE) 645.3 Wilks – 475kg/1,047lbTotal (BW 46.34kg/102.2lbs)
3rd Yukako Fukushima (JAP) 640.0 Wilks – 471kg/1,038lbTotal (BW 46.33kg/102.1lbs)
4th Vargas Ochoa (ECU) 620.2 Wilks – 492.5kg/1,086lbTotal (BW 51.32kg/113.1lbs)
5th Anastasiya Derevyanko (UKR) 606.5 Wilks – 482.5kg/1,064lbTotal (BW 51.45kg/113.4lbs)



Session 2 − Men Light Weight – 56kg-66kg (130lb-145lb) Class


Arguably the greatest powerlifter of all time (definitely, the last decade), Sergey Fedosienko (RUS) was spectacular today!

He squatted 295.5kg/652lbs; a new world record (59kg class) on his third attempt! He gave the judges zero doubt on any of his attempts. He does not waiver!

He hit a solid bench of 192.5kg/424lbs on his third attempt!

During deadlift, he continued to shine with a super easy attempt on his opener; he then pulled 255kg/562.5 to lock up the win! He showed that he was semi-human today by missing his last deadlift for an all-time high Wilks score.

Sergey Fedosienko (RUS) totaled a world record of 743kg/1660lbs to achieve a gold medal Wilks of 666.9!

There are not enough words in English (or Russian) to describe what we watched today! This is Sergey Fedosienko’s first World Games, which until today was the only glaring achievement absent from his powerlifting resume.

Sergey Gladkikn (RUS) was not to be completely overshadowed by his fellow countryman Fedosienko; he also squatted a new world record of 325.5kg/718lbs on his third attempt. All three Russians (Sergey, Sergey, and Konstantin) made all three of their squats; they were the only ones!

Gladkikn asked for his rack height to be changed, and he timed out on his opening bench press. This error may have cost him a new total world record. He finished with a 200kg/441lb bench press.

Gladkikn continued to falter by missing his opening deadlift of 270kg/595lbs; he was able to pull it on his second. He missed his last deadlift to increase his world record total. He finished in second place with a very big Wilks of 635.4.

Tsung-Ting Hsieh (TPE), was high on his third attempt squat (with plenty of strength). He squatted 275kg/606lbs on his second attempt. Tsung-Ting made a great third attempt bench of 210kg/463lbs.

Tsung-Ting loaded up the deadlift bar for Bronze medal on his final attempt to pull ahead of Konstantin Danilov (RUS). He pulled it! This has been his trademark move for over a decade; no one does it better than he does! Congrats Tsung-Ting.



1st Sergey Fedosienko (RUS) 666.92 Wilks – 743kg/1,638lbTotal (BW56.82)
2nd Sergey Gladkikh (RUS) 635.38 Wilks – 805.5kg/1,776lbTotal (BW65.63)
3rd Tsung-Ting Hsieh (TPE) 620.58 Wilks – 767.5kg/1,692lbTotal (BW63.73)
4th Konstantin Danilov (RUS) 620.52 Wilks – 782.5kg/1,725lbTotal (BW65.22)
5th Carlos Garsia (VEN) 576.04 Wilks – 655kg/1,440lbTotal (BW58.05)



Session 3 – Women Middle Weight – 57kg-63kg (125lb-138lb) Class

With only eight lifters in the session, competition was completed at an amazing pace. The two Indonesian lifters, Noviana Sari and Sri Hartani, did not make the competition.

American lifter, Alyssa Hitchcock (USA) stumbled out of the gate by missing her opening squat. However, she continued with the game plan and made her second attempt of 205kg/452lbs and third attempt of 212.5kg/469lbs.

Alyssa also missed her opening bench (2 to 1), but got it on her second attempt. She then finished with a 112.5kg/248lbs on her third attempt. She pulled a nice deadlift of 212.5kg/468lbs. She almost made a third attempt of 222.5kg/491lbs to move into 5th place.

Alyssa totaled 537.5/1185lbs. This was not Alyssa’s best day. She will redeem herself at the World Championships in Norway (November). Good luck with your training Alyssa!

Larysa Soloviova (UKR) cruised to an easy victory! She broke 3 world records! She put up a strong argument to be highly considered as one the greatest female powerlifters of all time!

Did I mention that today she had a Wilks of 686.4!

She went 3 for 3 in the squat breaking the world record by 5kgs/11lbs. The new world record is now 235kg/518lbs (until her next competition).

The bench press world record was broken on her second attempt of 166kg/366lbs! The jump to 170kg/375lbs was just too much.

She attempted to break her deadlift world record on her third attempt, but it didn’t budge. She finished with a 235kg/518lbs deadlift and a 636kg/1402lb world record total.

Will Larysa break the 700 Wilks barrier at the World Championships in November? I think she can do it!

The silver medal went to Tetyana Akhmamyetyeva (UKR). Tetyana missed a shot at increasing her world record squat (right before Larysa broke it). She finished with a 225kg/496lbs squat on her second attempt. She made a nice second attempt bench of 152.5kg/336lbs. Tetyana made all three deadlifts finishing with 195kg/430lbs and a 572.5kg/1262lb total.

Hui-Chun Wu (TPE) was relieved to get a bench press passed and even struggled with deadlifts. Hui-Chun finished with the bronze with a 525kg/1157lb total based on a really light body weight.




1st Larysa Soloviova (UKR) 686.37 Wilks – 636kg/1,402lbTotal (BW62.60)
2nd Tetyana Akhmamyetyeva (UKR) 619.7 Wilks – 572.5kg/1,262lbTotal (BW62.35)
3rd Hui-Chun Wu (TPE) 602.68 Wilks – 525kg/1,157lbTotal (BW57.79)
4th Irina Poletaeva (RUS) 600.57 Wilks – 550kg/1,213lbTotal (BW61.64)
5th Amaya Annymaryuth (VEN) 590.61 Wilks – 542.5kg/1,196lbTotal (BW61.88)
6th Alyssa Hitchcock (USA) 580.42 Wilks – 537.5kg/1,185lbTotal (BW62.55)


Today was one of the single best days of powerlifting in history. 10 Open World records broken today! Amazing Wilks scores from Fedosienko (666.9) and Larysa Soloviova (686.4). Can you think of a better day? Please leave a comment below.




Remaining Schedule

Wednesday, July 31st
10:00 AM – Men Middle Weight (74-83kg) – USA Lifter Maliek Derstine
1:00 PM – Women Heavy Weight (72kg) – USA Lifter Priscilla Ribic
4:00 PM – Men Heavy Weight (93-105kg)

Thursday, August 1st
11:00 AM – Women Super Heavy Weight (84-84+) – USA Lifter Liane Blyn
2:00 PM – Men Super Heavy Weight (120-120+kg) – USA Lifter Nick Weite

To find live STREAMING VIDEO Click Here

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