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Posted by on Jul 20, 2013

Day 2 Report – 2013 Raw Nationals

Day 2 Report – 2013 Raw Nationals

Orlando, FL


 2013 Raw Powerlifting Nationals


The audience is swelling and seats are a premium. Today had the most lifters of any of the days. The very large warm-up room and lifter staging area was able to handle everyone today. The depth of quality lifting during the Women’s session could easily be overlooked by some of the stars. The gap is closing quickly!

Robert Keller and I had a small disagreement this morning. He claims we started at 9:00 sharp, however my phone said 9:01. Regardless, his crew of spotters and loaders were just as fast as yesterday, maybe allegro. The computer system has also been run effectively by Mike Zawilinski, Zac Cooper, and Barry Gershman. Undoubtably it takes a great deal of muscle to run the computers (no sarcasm).


SESSION A (Morning)

Women – 63kg/138lb Class


On this platform, a third attempt successful squat was hard to come by today. Even the outstanding lifter Jennifer Thompson (NC) was high on her third attempt. However, she didn’t let it derail her plans of cruising to an easy win. Jennifer made a nice attempt of 135kg/297lbs on her second attempt and was unsuccessful with the record 138.5kg/305lbs. The trend of missing her last attempt continued with deadlift. It’s hard to beat a champion (Hall-of-Famer), even when they have a bad day. She totaled 475kg/1047lbs.


In second place, was Meghan Pellatt (FL) with a total of 380kg/838lbs.

Also from Florida, Cristina Escalante placed third with a 355kg/783lbs total.

The battle of this class was in the Junior division. Victoria Liang (OH) and Stephanie Renfro (WA). Stephanie made only one squat, which ultimately made the difference in the today. Stephanie totaled 352.5kg/777lbs for second place. After missing her second attempt, Victoria came back and made it for the win in the Junior division (353.5kg/779lbs).

Teen Division – First place was earned Elena Astello (TX) with a 270kg595lbs total. Second place went to Pamela Cresci (FL) with a 260kg/573lbs total.

In the preview, I predicted Sue Hallen to win Outstanding Lifter in the Master 2B division. Kathy Marksteiner totaled 300kg/661lbs with a Wilks of 326.52. Great to see Kathy back on the platform (Sue, I still have faith in you).

Jen Thompson has a Wilks of 520.2, will it be enough to hold off Kimberly Wolfard for Outstanding Lifter?…


Women – 72kg/158lb Class


Weighing in at only 63.6kg/140lbs, was Kimberly Walford. She had a high third attempt squat. However, she hit a huge 152.5lbs/336lbs on her second. She benched 92.5kg/204lbs.

With no exaggeration, during Kimberly Walford’s deadlift the crowd was the loudest it will get all weekend. The adjacent platform was over, and everyone was standing up and yelling (especially her huge following of family and friends).

The crowd went crazy on Kimberly’s second attempt; she completed it with ease. The anticipation of her third attempt built for more than 12 minutes, and she didn’t disappoint. She pulled (with the help of the crowd) a solid 230kg/507lbs. It was an amazing pull!


Kimberly Walford wins the 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals with a 475kg/1,047lbs total.

The best of the rest (20 Open Lifters) and the winner of the Junior division was Chelsea Savit (NY) with a very respectable total of 383kg/844lbs.

Master division winner Sheryl Condon pulled her last deadlift to win the Master 1A division over Jill Joiner-Wong (WA) by the smallest of margins.

Teen 3 lifter Lydia Mele (GA), coached by Jeff Robinson, only missed her last squat, putting together a great performance for the win (285kg/628lbs).


SESSION B (Afternoon)


83kg/183lbs Class

Going 8 for 8 today for the win was Alex Tertitski (FL) with a 732.5kg/1,615lbs. He has an amazing deadlift, and it only got better today. Recently, Alex switched his world class conventional deadlift style to sumo. He pulled a huge, best in class, 315kg/694lbs.

Second place went to Derek Gove (TX) with a strong total of 697.5kg/1,537lbs. With the win out of reach, he attempted 300kg/661lbs (picture  of Derek below).


Third place went to John Downing (OH) with a 677.5kg/1,494 total.

This was a huge class with 23 lifters in the open division. The smiles and high-fives were countless today! Congrats to all the lifters.


93kg/205lbs Class

There are not enough superlatives to describe David Ricks. Let’s start with Freak!

But could he beat LS McClain?…


During the squat, David made 282.5kg/623lbs on his second attempt (easier than opener), and then went to 300kg/662lbs (world record) on his third. He came out of the hole strong, but lost his balance forward and took a small step as he was locking it out. It was the smallest of errors, but with the world record on your back even a freak must be perfect.

The reserved and cool LS McClain was more impressive than David Ricks today (Yes, read that again)! We know David as one of the greatest powerlifters in the history of the sport. With just a few years of lifting experience, LS McClain is great in his own respect.


LS rode three big squats through full motion, finishing with 260kg/573lbs. He made a big bench of 212.5kg/468lbs to keep him within reach.

“I did not realize he had that big of a bench. He is a stud”, says David.

David was leading by 7.5kg/16lbs at subtotal, but then down 10kg/22lbs after deadlift openers.

David opened his deadlift conservatively, made a solid jump on second, and then he put in a very solid attempt for a third. Knowing that LS had the last pull, he attempted 307.5kg/678lbs . It was not easy, but very solid and strong! David had gone 8 for 9 with a total of 787.5kg/1,736lbs.

317.5kg/700lbs was then loaded for the win for LS McClain. It was more than the win. It was to beat the great David Ricks! He pulled it as close as he could and lost his balance at the top.

The picture below was LS’s actual last deadlift.  Look at the reaction from Meet Director Robert Keller and Women’s Champ Kimberly Walford!


It was an amazing battle, but the torch was not to be passed today from Ricks to McClain; but that day is coming soon!

“I am just trying to write my own story. I am blessed to have had a great day and this is the best second place I’ve ever had.” – LS McClain (TX)

Junior Champion (third place open) was LSU lifter Garrett “Bottesy” Bailey. He had a best deadlift of the class with a 317.5kg/700lbs.


Outstanding Lifters (After Day 2)


Jennifer Thompson 520.2
Kimberly Walford 506.5
Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary 456.4
Pamela Bartz 418.3
Meghan Pellatt 415.7
Kelly Trussell 411.3

David Ricks 498.1
Alex Tertitski 488.9
LS McClain 484.9
Derek Gove 467.3
Shawn Frasquillo 461.5
John Downing 459.3
Garrett “Bottesy” Bailey 458.8
Andrew Watson 456.1
Jordan Berke 447.1

Full results can be found here

PS: I watched Ray Williams and William Burrell do some light work on Friday night. We are going to witness an epic battle tomorrow!

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If you missed Day 1 report, read here.

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