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Posted by on Jul 31, 2013

Day 2 Report – World Games

Day 2 Report – World Games

Session 1 – Men Middle Weight – 74kg-83kg (163lb-183lb) Class

The live broadcast did not start until after squats were completed (for me at least). This was quite unfortunate. We missed possibly the biggest lift of the day; Jaroslaw Olech’s last squat attempt of 360kg/794lbs (after missing on second attempt). After the broadcast successfully started, the quality of the broadcast was much better. With multiple camera views during the bench press, it created more of an entertaining experience.

American lifter Maliek Derstine (USA) missed his opening squat. He finished with 295kg/650lbs on his second attempt. He made his first two benches (220kg/485lbs). Maliek’s third attempt bench of 227.5kg/501lbs was turned down by the judges.

Maliek finished the day completing all three deadlift attempts. He finished with 305kg/672lbs and a total of 820kg/1808lbs. Congratulations to Maliek on his performance at the World Games.

Hall-of-Famer, Jaroslaw Olech (POL) had his hands full today. He missed his second attempt squat, but came back and made it on his third (360kg/794lbs). This lift became very crucial during the last attempt deadlifts.

Jaroslaw made a 215kg/474lbs bench press on his second attempt. His third attempt never lifted off of his chest.

He only made two deadlifts with his second attempt being 305kg/672lbs and a total of 880kg/1940lbs. Even though it was off his world record total of 903kg, it was enough to earn the gold medal with a Wilks of 644.

If Jaroslaw would have missed his third attempt squat, this competition would have ended differently today.


The man who had a great day and pushed Jaroslaw was Kjell Bakkelund (NOR). He has the stature to lift some insane numbers (deadlift, too).

Kjell went 3 for 3 on squat (only lifter) and benched 250kg/551lbs on his second attempt, which was shy of his world record of 258kg.

He also went 3 for 3 on his deadlift (325kg/716lbs) providing for a 917.5kg/2,022lbs total. He weighed in lighter than normal (78.59kg/173.3lbs), which provided for an outstanding Wilks score of 633.6.


With Andriy Naniev (UKR) and Eugeniy Vasyukov (RUS) disqualified in the squat, Jose Castillo (ECU) was ready to fill the void.

Kjell Bakkelund did not attempt to push Olech on his last deadlift attempt. However, Jose Castillo took the chance and loaded up 345kg/761lbs for the silver medal. He got it 1/3 of the way up (the loudest the crowd has been). He finished with a 925kg/2039lb total and the bronze medal.

Jose was very excited with his performance and making the awards ceremony. This is a 30kg improvement from his 895kg/1973lb total that he made just three weeks ago at the NAPF regional championships (report) in Orlando. Jose rose up to the level of competition today.


1st Jaroslaw Olech (POL) 644 Wilks
2nd Kjell Bakkelund (NOR) 633.6 Wilks
3rd Jose Castillo (ECU) 620.1 Wilks
4th Alexey Sorokin (RUS) 610.5 Wilks
5th Volodymyr Rysiyev (UKR) 609.8 Wilks



Session 2 − Women Heavy Weight – 72kg (158lb) Class

Hall-of-Famer and America’s powerlifting icon Priscilla Ribic (USA) was good for two squats today, finishing with 225kg/496lbs. With an attempt of 235kg/518lbs (Master1-world record) on her third, it was just a little too much.

Priscilla only made her opener in the bench press of 225kg. This put her into fourth place going into deadlift. Priscilla has been in this position before. After opening deadlift, she moved back into third place. The jump to silver was just too far away. The strategy became making lifts and staying ahead of Rhaea Stinn Fowler (CAN).

She pulled 225kg/496lbs on her second deadlift, for a total of 575kg/1,268lbs to secure a her third career World Games medal. An attempt to break her own deadlift world record (247.5kg/546lbs) ended unsuccessfully (did not budge), but still resulted in a big smile. Congrats, Priscilla!


Ana Castellain (BRA) weighed in at 65.5kg/144.4lbs which really gave her a great advantage with the Wilks formula. Ana attempted a world recored 248.5kg/548lbs on her third attempt squat. She made it and took a strong lead going into the bench press.

Ana bench pressed 162.5kg/358lbs, deadlifted 200kg/441lbs and totaled 611kg/1,347lbs. With a Wilks of 637.4, Brazil took home the gold medal.

Yulia Medvedeva (RUS) was called for depth on her opening squat of 210 and then two tough attempts of 215kg/474lbs (2nd attempt) and 220kg/485lbs on her third attempt.

Yulia loaded up the Gold of 225kg/496lbs on her last deadlift, but was unsuccessful. She secured the silver with a 590kg/1,300lb total.

Canadian lifter Rhaea Stinn Fowler (CAN) finished 4th with a 565kg/1,246lbs total.



1st Ana Castellain (BRA) 637.4 Wilks
2nd Yulia Medvedeva (RUS) 618.6 Wilks
3rd Priscilla Ribic (USA) 568.1 Wilks
4th Rhaea Stinn Fowler (CAN) 609.8 Wilks
5th Annette Pedersen (DEN) 530 Wilks


Session 3 – Men Heavy Weight – 93kg-105kg (205lb-231lb) Class

As expected, this class was close from the beginning!

Konstantin Lebedko (RUS) made all three squats, finishing with 395kg/871lbs (only lifter to make all three). Did he leave anything in the tank for deadlift?

During Konstantin’s last bench, it started drifting over his eyes resulting in a miss; he finished with 280kg/617lbs.

Anibal Coimbra (LUX) had an interesting squat day. On his second attempt (400kg/881lbs) a spotter touched the weights a little early. He protested to the jury and was awarded to take the attempt over. However, he passed, because he would have to follow himself (this is fully my interpretation from watching online). Sidenote: Jan Best (GER) may have been the one most effected; he followed Anibal and got caught up in the time delay while his knees were wrapped.

Anibal came back on his third and made his last squat, class best of the day (400kg/881lbs). Did he leave enough in the tank for deadlift?

Anibal made all three benches, with his third 257.5kg/568lbs.

Vadym Dovganyuk (UKR) broke his own world record bench press with an easy 315.5/696lbs on his second attempt. He then went 322.5kg/711lbs on his third and it was easy, too! Added to his of 390kg/860lbs squat, Vadym took the lead into deadlift.


Then it came down to the deadlift! Four men were battling for the top of the podium. You can’t ask for anything better than this.

Lebedko (RUS) was the first to falter; he missed his second attempt deadlift at the top, milliseconds before getting the down command. He finishes with the bronze!

With the lowest deadlift of the contenders, Vadym (UKR) put in solid attempts and finished with 317.5kg/700lbs and a huge total of 1,030kg/2,271lbs!

However, the king of deadlifts in this class, Anibal Coimbra (world record holder), knew what to do. Load it up! It took all that he had today, and he pulled it up. Anibal’s arms went up in the air with excitement. But wait!!! It was turned down by the judges! Anibal finishes with the silver medal.

Vadym Dovganuk wins the gold medal at the 2013 World Games.

What an amazing battle! The powerlifting world will be talking about this one for a long time.

Results (look at how close the top 4 are)

1st Vadym Dovganyuk (UKR) 616.7 Wilks
2nd Anibal Coimbra (LUX) 615.7 Wilks
3rd Konstantin Lebedko (RUS) 610.6 Wilks
4th Bilyi Sergii (UKR) 607.5 Wilks
5th Jose Mencias (VEN) 571.3 Wilks


Official results can be found here


Remaining Schedule

Thursday, August 1st
11:00 AM – Women Super Heavy Weight (84-84+) – USA Lifter Liane Blyn
2:00 PM – Men Super Heavy Weight (120-120+kg) - USA Lifter Nick Weite


To find live STREAMING VIDEO Click Here


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