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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013

Final Report – Men’s 2013 Pan American Championships

Final Report – Men’s 2013 Pan American Championships


Team Ecuador continued their dominance at the Pan American Championships!  Crown them the Men’s champions too.


The 2013 Caribbean, North American, & Pan American Championships came to a close today.  It started with a very impressive flight of women lifters, and ended with a rematch between William Schouten and Michael Zawilinski.  The weight class everyone will be talking about will be the 74kg class on the 4th of July!  Congrats to all the lifters and Robert Keller and his crew for a great championship.

“The City of Orlando and the Central Florida Sports Commission is what makes this championship so wonderful. They really embrace the sport of Powerlifting! ” – Robert Keller , Meet Director and NAPF President.


Day 1 – July 3rd Women’s Meet Report - Click Here


DAY 2 – July 4th

59kg/130lb Class
World class lifter Franklin Leon didn’t just “walk away” with the win. The combination of missing two squats, dropping the opening deadlift on his foot, and Ivan Cancel (PUR) having his best day, the 59kg class was set up for an unexpected finish. Franklin was only up 10kgs at subtotal and limped out to the platform to successfully pull his 3rd attempt deadlift. Ivan’s coaches loaded up the bar for the win. Great effort, but it was no good. Ivan finished the day with a 618kg/1362lbs total.

Leon Franklin (totaled 630kg/1388lbs) is scheduled to compete in three weeks at the World Games in Columbia.

Assuming that both will go to the World Championships, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ivan Cancel left Norway ranked higher than Franklin Leon.

66kg/145lb Class
Junior Lifter Alex Ochea (ECU) went 9 for 9 and effortlessly (sort of) pulled his last deadlift for the win. He totaled 660kg/1455lbs. Alex’s next meet will be the IPF Junior Worlds in Killeen, TX. Team USA Junior lifter James Vang will be in a fierce battle with Alex to stand atop the awards platform.

Team USA lifter Kostadin Bahchevanov finished in fourth place with 615kg/1355lbs total.

74kg/163lb Class - Blood, guts, and sportsmanship! This 4th of July battle will be talked about for a long time.

Team USA and Master 2 lifter, Jose Perez, was having an amazing day and he was in the lead at subtotals. Going into deadlifts, everyone knew that Miguel Curipoma (ECU) was not going down without a fight. The series of events to follow was remarkable. On Miguel’s 2nd attempt deadlift, he lost his balance and dropped the weight on his right foot. He immediately went to the ground in pain. It was ugly and for all practical purposes it was doubtful that he would continue. Jose Perez took a 10kg jump on his third and was unsuccessful.

With a blood soaked shoe, Miguel was carried up to the platform (within the rules) and he limped to the bar for a winning 3rd attempt. He then reached deep, blocked out the pain, and pulled it! It was an amazing lift. He showed great courage and determination, which was consistently portrayed by the entire Ecuadorian team during the competition.

The story doesn’t end there. Miguel needed medical attention. However, he and his coaches were having trouble communicating with the meet medical staff about the process of getting him to the hospital. That’s when Jose Perez (USA), fluent in Spanish, stepped in to translate. He was very helpful in communicating information to Miguel, his coaches, and the EMT when they arrived.

“The kid was in pain!  He was a warrior today, I will never forget this. He and I talked, I told him how courageous he was. We hugged and cried together while waiting for the EMT to arrive.” – Jose Perez

Jose Perez is a warrior too! Jose, from New Jersey, had major heart surgery almost two years ago after learning he had a genetic heart defect! At this meet he broke two IPF Master 2 World Records (squat and total), totaling 708kg/1560lbs. Jose is a stand up guy. Look for him to improve at Bench Nationals!



Picture of Robert Keller awarding the Gold medal to Miguel Curipoma (ECU), while awaiting transport to the hospital (pic by Zac Cooper)

Watch it for yourself:
1. Click link
2. Watch Ad
3. Skip to incident at 11:45
4. Final pull for win at 24:45

Best wishes and speedy recovery for both Leon Franklin and Miguel Curipoma. Can we get these guys some steel toe shoe inserts?

University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) lifter Derek Ward (USA) had a few bright spots in the day, but was disappointed with his deadlift. Derek’s coach, Travis Warner, will have his deadlift up at the next meet. He totaled 445kg/981lbs.


DAY 3 – July 5th

83kg/183lb Class
Two-time Junior World Champion, Jose Castillo was simply the best lifter in Orlando this weekend.

Passing on his last deadlift, he still set the Pan American total record of 895kg/1973lbs.

Castillo’s performance was better than all the competitors at the recent USAPL Men’s Nationals two weeks ago. American lifter Knute Douglas (83kg) was the outstanding lifter of the meet with a 877.5kg/1933lbs total (587.4 Wilks). Castillo and Douglas (and others) will go head-to-head in Norway at the IPF Men’s Open World Championships.

Elite deadlifter, Randolph Morgan (GUY), opened his deadlifts with the PanAmerican record. Randolph won the deadlift gold last years at the open world championships with a lift of 330kg/727lbs. He easily pulled that weight on his second attempt (new PanAm record). He went for the IPF OPEN WORLD RECORD on his third attempt of 345.5kg/762.5lbs and he got it up to his knees It was a great effort. He will try this again in Norway. Nice pull Randolph!

93kg/205lb Class
David Coimbra (BRA) totaled 897.5kg/1978lbs. He timed out on his last deadlift, but actually pulled it quite easy.

In second place was lifter, Ramon Burgos (PUR). He was very impressive with a 340kg/750lbs deadlift on his last attempt. It was a Pan American and North American Record. He totaled 862.5kg/1901lbs.

Nelson Martinez (ECU) place 3rd with a total of 835kg/1840lbs.

Roberto Gamboa (ECU) will be lifting at Jr Worlds in Killeen, he totaled 752.5kg/1659lbs.


DAY 4 – July 6th

105kg/231lb Class
The favorite to win the 105kg class was Canadian Jeff Butt. Jeff and Karel Mars (GUY), had trouble getting squats passed, and neither collected a total.

This left the door wide open for Adrian Brown from Trinidad and Tobago.  He totaled 822.5kg/1813lbs.

Silver went to Master 1 lifter, Ildefonso Pardo (MEX) with an 800kg/1764lbs total. Bronze went to another Master’s lifter, Antonio Gonzalez (PUR).

120kg/264lb Class
John McDonald (CAN) was able to hold off Marcos Porras (MEX) in the deadlift. McDonald totaled 922.5kg/2033lbs.

The bronze medal was awarded to Junior lifter Micheal McCoy (USA) with a 850kg/1873lbs total.

120+kg/264+lb Class
There was one flight in the afternoon session which resulted in quick lifting for the big guys.

The rematch of the NAPF championships last year in the Cayman Islands between Mike Zawilinski (USA) and William Schouten (VI) proved to be entertaining.

William Schouten, with a big squat, made his opener of 410kg/904lbs and then a huge 425kg/937lbs on his third attempt! The cautious Mike Zawilinski made two squats (377.5kg/832lbs) and passed on his third attempt to conserve energy and warm up for bench.

Schouten made all three benches with 247.5kg/545lbs, a 10kg increase from last year. At this meet, Zawilinski was in a league of his own in the bench press. He made 325kg/716lbs on his second attempt; 330kg/727lbs was turned down 2 to 1 on his third attempt.

After opening deadlifts, Zawilinski’s total was 30 kilos less than Schouten’s total of 977.5kg. With the lesser of deadlifts, Zawilinski needed to do his best and wait to see.

Who has energy left in the tank? Schouten’s grip just couldn’t hold on for his second attempt deadlift. Big Mike loaded the bar up to move into first place, but was just an inch away from locking it out!

William Schouten totaled 977.5kg/2155lbs for the Pan American Champion title (for the 5th time).

Big Mike Zawilinski (960kg/2116lbs) did much better this weekend conserving energy (while also coaching); he came one red light away from knocking off William Schouten. Congrats to both William and Mike for a great battle. When is the rematch? What a way to end 4 great days of lifting!

Newly elected Canadian Powerlifting Union President, Ryan Stinn earned the bronze with a 915kg/2017lbs total. He edged out Eumenes Souza Jr. (910kg/2006lbs).

Multi-time ISBA World Champion, Carlos Greene (Trinidad & Tobago), totaled 815kg/1796lbs.

Mike, Stinn, Schouten120+Kg Class – From left to right, Mike Zawilinski (USA), William Schouten (VI), and Ryan Stinn (CAN) (Picture by Zac Cooper).


Men’s Open Team Standings

Ecuador  57
USA 38
Puerto Rico 38
Mexico 36
Guyana 36
Canada 35
Brazil 30
Costa Rica 28
US Virgin Islands 27
Trinidad and Tobago 25
Guatemala 14
Venezuela 14

Men’s Outstanding Lifters

Jose Castillo (ECU) 597.41
David Coimbra (BRA) 564.3
Franklin Lon (ECU) 549.2
William Schouten (VI)
Ramos Burgos (PUR) 543.2
Ivan Cancel (PUR) 535.3

Junior – Alex Ochoa (ECU)

Master – Lazaro Barbosa (BRA)

Classic – Jim Brown (USA)


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