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Posted by on Jul 21, 2013

Day 3 Report – 2013 USAPL Raw Powerlifting Nationals

Day 3 Report – 2013 USAPL Raw Powerlifting Nationals


Orlando, FL


It has been an amazing weekend!  Thanks to Robert Keller and his crew for a wonderful meet.  Enjoy!

SESSION A (Morning)


Women – 84kg/186lb Class

Relatively new to the sport of Powerlifting, Mikelina Belainen was fun to watch today. She only went 5 for 9 today, but provided a better total than all the other lifters. Her total was 430.5kg/949lbs. She also won the Junior division.
Mikelina is not only strong, she is smart; Harvard Law school smart. She recently graduated from Texas A&M, and she will be starting law school in the fall.


“I was not very happy with my performance, but I did what I needed to do for the win. I will continue to train and lift while in Law school,” Mikelina Belainen, 84kg/186lb Raw National Champion.

Second place was Ashley Szczepaniec (VA) with a total of 397.5kg/877lbs total.
Third place was Kenya Spears (TX) with a 392.5kg/865lbs total.

Women – 84kg+/186lb+ Class

After a 5 year hiatus, it did not take Bonica Brown (NE) long to get back to her winning ways. Only missing one bench press, she went 8 for 9 totaling 505.5kg/1,114lbs.

The majority of her lifts were easy (especially squat), look for her to post a much bigger total at the next meet.

Second place was Alicia Webb (GA) with a total of 455kg/1,003lbs.
Third place was Melissa Copeland (MD) with a total of 452.5kg/998lbs, missing her last deadlift for second place.


Men – 105kg/231lb Class

Top of the class, Nick Tylutki absolutely dominated today. He out squatted the competition by 22.5kg/50lbs with a smooth and deep 305kg/672lbs on his third attempt squat.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 11.03.58 AM

Nick went 7 for 9 totaling a huge 785kg/1,730lbs total.

Congrats to Nick; he is one of the nicest and humblest lifters I have ever met. Nick is a policeman by profession. I’d like to throw out this question: Is Nick currently the strongest drug-free policemen in the United States? He’s got my vote.

Second place went to Robert Trettin (WI) with a 775kg/1,708lbs total.

In third place and Junior division winner, William LeBlanc (TX), turned many heads today, with a total of 737.5kg/1,626lbs.

Fourth place went to Gregory Johnson (TX) with class high deadlift of 327.5kg/722lbs.


SESSION B (Afternoon)


120kg/264lb Class

Mike Tuchscherer walked away with the victory today! However, he was focused on three things: 1) making quality lifts, 2) qualifying for future meets, and 3) building momentum for the future.

A month ago I wrote an article about this topic, the absolutes of powerlifting. Great lifters do not cut corners. Mike is the ultimate example of a lifters who is a methodical planner, and his results prove it!

Mike finished the day (not his personal best) with a total of 912.5kg/2,011lbs.

Not to be overshadowed, but Jared Martin finished second with a 855kg/1,885 total. Third place went to Thad Benefield with 820kg/1,807lbs total.


120kg+/264lb+ Class


Ray Williams is ____________.


Everyone who saw him lift today has their own word(s) to describe him. My word is PROVEN. He is officially one of the members of an elite world of strong, big men!

Here is why he is PROVEN: He adapted to the national stage; he handled the pressure of world class competition (Blaine Sumner); he exceeded expectations; he has the WOW factor; he was humbled by the support that everyone had for him; he is hungry for more; and yeah, he totaled 968kg/2,134lbs RAW!

The squats were as advertised! Another member of the elite strong man club, Blaine Sumner, put together a very impressive string of squats. He finished with 395kg/871lbs on his third.

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 9.44.01 PM

Ray put the powerlifting world on notice with his opening squat.  Everyone’s jaw hit the floor!  Ray slammed the door on any criticism with his successful second attempt of 400.5kg/883lbs.

He took 410kg/904lbs on third attempt, got it half way and he started loosing his balance forward.  With that much weight, it doesn’t take long to get in trouble, it quickly went over the top of his head and hit the floor.  The spotters did all that they could.  Thankfully no one was injured!

Both men hit all three benches. Blaine, 222.5kg/490lbs and Ray, 227.5/501lbs.

Before deadlifts (at no point did anyone think this was not going to be a battle to the end) Ray had a slight edge at subtotal.


Blaine’s amazing game plan literally fell out of his hands. On Blaine’s opener, the deadlift (hook grip) popped right out of his hand. On his second attempt, grip was on the top of his mind and everything else went out the window. He lost his balance and the bar descended, resulting in a no lift. He pulled a 320kg/705lbs on his third for a total of 937.5kg/2,066lbs.

Blaine_Ray“Blaine is a world class powerlifting veteran and great guy. I watch his lifts (he watches mine). If I want to be the best, I need to train like the best, that’s why I watch Blaine.” – Ray Williams

Ray finished the day with a few impressive deadlifts. He hit 340kg/750lbs on his second attempt. Then he took a big jump to 365kg/805lbs. He almost locked it out. The lift was turned down 2 reds to 1 white.

The end result was an elite total of 968kg/2,134lbs and a huge Wilks of 529.4 to earn Outstanding Lifter for the 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals.

“We showed up on Friday; everyone welcomed us and I was impressed with the meet. There are lot of good people here.” -Ray Williams, USAPL Raw National Champion


When asked about his future, Ray said, “Most probably a meet in Hattiesburg, MS (December), maybe the Arnold. It will be an honor to lift on the international stage for my family and hometown (Demopolis, AL). Glory be to God!”

A little perspective: Brad Gillingham won IPF Raw/Classic World Championships last month in Russia with 920kg/2,028lbs

I’m predicting it now: You will have to fist fight for a front row seat at the 2014 Arnold Classic. What would it take for a rematch?

In third place was Matt Baller with a great bench of 255.5kg/563lbs and a total of 840.5kg/1853lbs.

Providing 44.2% of the entertainment for this flight was the always fun and excited Niko Huslander (below). He had one of his greatest days on the platform (lifting and pumping the crowd up). Niko finished fourth with a total of 830kg/1,829lbs.



Outstanding Lifters (Unofficial)


Jennifer Thompson 520.2
Kimberly Walford 506.5
Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary 456.4
Pamela Bartz 418.3
Meghan Pellatt 415.7
Bonica Brown 412.2
Kelly Trussell 411.3

Ray Williams 529.4
Mike Tuchscherer 525.87
Blaine Sumner 512.7
David Ricks 498.1
Alex Tertitski 488.9
LS McClain 484.9
Matt Baller 468.9
Derek Gove 467.3
Niko Huslander 462.1
Shawn Frasquillo 461.5

Full results can be found here


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