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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013

Preview – 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals

Preview – 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals

Orlando, FL

The buzz is getting louder! Are you ready for three busy and exciting days in Orlando? The 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals is quickly approaching. Start time: Friday 9:00 a.m. EST.

The biggest names in Powerlifting are starting to arrive in Orlando. They are not here to show off their belts and singlets, but to put on a show! Follow the action on to stay informed.

What to expect?

Besides great lifting, you will see many new faces and names take the platform (and atop the awards podium). The biggest factor pulling lifters from every part of the country is the opportunity to lift for Team USA at the 2nd IPF World Unequipped/Classic Powerlifting Championships! The Championships will be held in Kazakhstan next June. We are not talking strictly Open division, but Sub-Junior and Junior divisions as well. Since the competition date is so far away, the alternate list (based on Wilks) will definitely be used.

Here is link to the results of last months 1st Classic World Championships (Men & Women). Congrats to Team USA for such an amazing performance.

What people are talking about: Ray Williams vs Blaine Sumner at 120kg+ (with no Brad Gillingham).

According to Facebook (the most trusted news source on the planet), Brad will not be making the trip to Raw Nationals. He is healing from his latest IPF victory at Raw Worlds in Russia. Congrats to Brad; his legend grows!

There are so many unknowns surrounding this matchup. Blaine will have no problem with depth, but with such a quick turn around from Men’s Nationals, will he be at his best? Blaine is very interested in making the World Team and competing in Kazakhstan. “I’d like to really have a good meet, PR in several lifts, and beat John Norcott (by Wilks),” said Blaine.

Who is Ray Williams? Ray Williams is ____________. That blank will be filled in this weekend. He will fill in that blank competing against an international up-comer, and a talented field of 120k+ lifter. Whatever happens Sunday will replace everything on YouTube and Facebook. “I think he [Ray Williams] could go down as one of the strongest Powerlifters ever,” says Blaine Sumner

If you haven’t seen it already, watch this video of Ray, and I guarantee you will tune in on Sunday to watch Ray, Blaine, and the rest of the 120kg+ lifters! Ray has told me he will be ready to talk after the meet on Sunday.

By the Numbers:

Female Lifters: 123 (Average Age, 31)
Male Lifters: 252 (Average Age, 31)
Total Lifters: 375
Representing 42 States

Top Five States:
Pennsylvania 48
Florida 44
Texas 41
Georgia 30
Ohio 29


(a few weight class changes would disrupt these predictions, however, most of these women will make the World team)
47kg- Molly Zunker (Watch out for Cheryl Anderson)
52kg- Suzanne Hartwig-Gary
57kg- Wide open class; I’m going with Pamela Bartz
63kg- Jennifer Thompson
72kg- Kimberly Walford (up from 63)
84kg- Sebrina Davis (up from 72)
84+kg- Bonica Brown

59kg- Eric Kupperstein (Yes, I know nominations have him listed at 66)
66kg- Wide Open – Shawn Fasquillo
74kg- Wide Open – Sam Derynick
83kg- Derek Gove, cutting weight
93kg- LS McClain David Ricks (Sorry, I can’t pick against a living legend)
105kg- Nick Tylutki on last deadlift
120kg- Michael Tuchscherer on opening deadlift
120+kg- Brad Gillingham Blaine Sumner Ray Williams

Outstanding Lifter Predictions
Female Teen 16-17: Elizabeth Monk
Female Teen 18-19: Elana Astello
Female Junior: Molly Zunker
Female Collegiate: Elana Astello
Female Open: Jen Thompson
Female Master 40-44: Jen Thompson
Female Master 45-49: Tina Robinson
Female Master 50-54: Lynn Homan
Female Master 55-59: Sue Hallen
Female Master 60+: Helen White

Male Teen 14-15: Kyle Houser
Male Teen 16-17: Brett Bendiz
Male Teen 18-19: Aaron Stroud
Male Junior: Gregory Johnson
Male Collegiate: Garrett “Bottesy” Bailey
Male Open: Mike Tuchscherer
Male Master 40-44: Chad Rexrode
Male Master 45-49: Eric Kupperstein
Male Master 50-54: David Ricks
Male Master 55-59: Warren Dickerson

Full list of Nominations Click Here


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