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Posted by on Jul 3, 2013

Women’s Report – 2013 Pan Am Championships

Women’s Report – 2013 Pan Am Championships


Team Ecuador takes the Gold at the Pan American Championships!


Today was the first day of the 2013 Pan American Championships held in Orlando, FL, USA. As expected the women from Ecuador were the team to beat. After the morning session, it was no doubt that they could not be beat. The battle for runner-up continued until the last deadlift.

After a morning of technical difficulties, streaming and video became better as the day went on. A literal “shout out” to Gino Biancheri; he was a wonderful announcer and excellent at properly pronouncing names. Regina Hackney’s name has been said over a load speaker many times, but not quite like when Gino starts rolling his R’s.

SESSION A (Morning)

47kg/103lb Class
Maria Luisa Vasquez Sique (PUR) did not have the best of days, but still she had a nice total. She went 4 for 9, totaling 400kg/882lbs. Regardless of her making attempts few attempts, it was enough to win by 7.5kgs.

Tania Saavedra (ECU) was a successful second squat attempt away from taking the championship (or at least pulling for it). Tania deadlifted 163kg/359lbs with a total of 392.5kg/865lbs total.

In third place, and with the most enthusiasm, was Marrissa Peterson (USA, Sub-Junior) from Necedah, WI. She met or exceeded all of her personal records with a 9 for 9 day. She has gained valuable platform experience at the High School and Women’s National meets this year, and it showed. She has great coaching, training atmosphere, and support system that will result in seeing her on more international platforms in the near future. She totaled 290kg/639lbs.

52kg/114lb Class
Vilma Ochoa was the best lifter on the platform today. However, her performance was not up to her potential. With only one attempt in the squat (200kg/441lbs), a third attempt bench that never moved up, and a bizarre miss on her second attempt deadlift (successful on 3rd attempt) something was amiss today with Vilma. Good luck to her in three weeks at the World Games!

Michelle Cevallos finished second (total of 420kg/926lbs). She has a fast descending squat, which results in a fine line between success and complete failure of max attempts. Her 3rd attempt was just a little too much. Michelle’s attempts were chosen carefully as she and her coaches kept a close eye on the American, Juanita Najera (407.5kg/898lbs) after squats.

Visually impaired lifter Bobbi Janzen from Canada only missed one World record attempt bench press today in the Classic/Raw division. All of her lifts were strong today, totaling 246kg/542lbs.

57kg/125lb Class
Isabel Maldonado (ECU) was solid most of the day. Her 3rd attempt squat was turned down by the judges for depth. Squat 190kg/419lbs, Bench 92.5kg/204lbs, Deadlift 190kg/419lbs and Total 472.5kg/1042lbs.

Ecuador also had a Junior lifter, Kenia Monserrate, she totaled 442.5kg/975lbs with a 9 for 9 day. Her third attempt squat was the perfect weight; she didn’t have another kilo left.

In third place, Brazilian lifter, Irani Barbosa just missed too many lifts today to compete with Kenia. Irani totaled 422.5kg/931lbs.


SESSION B (Evening)

63kg/138lb Class
Cicera Taveres (BRA) and Johanna Aguinaga (ECU) were set to battle it out.

Johanna’s last bench slid over her eyes. With this missed attempt and Cicera’s opening deadlift, she was unable to keep up. Cicera pulled for the win on her first attempt. It was nice that she built up a big lead, because she missed the rest of her deadlifts.  Cicera Taveras totaled 530kg/1179lbs over Johanna Aguinaga.

Dawn Owens (USA) placed 3rd in the open division

In fourth place was Tina Crawford (USA); she had a great day. Tina was able to stay one deadlift ahead of 5th place finisher Rebecca Diaz Lopez (PUR). Tina is the mother of Team USA member Beverly Crawford, who will be competing in August at the IPF Junior World championships. See our schedule here.

Laura Sturm (USA) won the Masters 1 division going 9 for 9 and totaling 410kg/903lbs.

72kg/158lb Class
Ladys Burgos (PUR) had little competition from Judimeire Delago (BRA); Burgos ran away with the win in the 72kg class totaling 442.5kg/975lbs.

84kg/185 Class
Wisconsin lifter Mariah Hamm (USA) is the Pan American Champion! She lost her balance on her second squat with 207.5kg, but came back and solidly made it on a third. She made an impressive 182.5kg/404lbs deadlift. Her total of 505kg/1113lbs also put her in contention of winning best Junior lifter of the meet. Check Mariah out on Twitter @Riahgoeshamm

Mariah’s final deadlift was changed at the last second. A little controversy erupted around as to whether or not the the change was made in time by Team USA coach Zac Cooper. The change was based on beating Samantha Viteri (84+) for the best Junior lifter (Group B). With the pull, Mariah edged her out for the Junior win by the smallest of margins. 463.69 to 463.639 Wilks points!!!

84+kg/185+ Class
The 84+kg was by far the most competitive and exciting weight class of the day. A battle between Giselli Costos Delgado (PUR) and Samantha Viteri (ECU).

Samantha Viteri (ECU) had problems with the weights being loose and sliding off on her last squat attempt (222.5kg/490lbs) resulting in a miss. After a lengthy discussion and protest, she was awarded another attempt. It was good! This was a very pivotal point in this match up.

Giselli Costos Delgado (PUR) was not to be counted out; she countered Viteri’s big squat with two big benches (157.5kg/347lbs). This set up for an entertaining deadlift.

It came down to the 3rd attempt deadlifts! Both of their 2nd attempt deadlifts looked easy. However, Giselli missed her 3rd attempt. With Viteri having the stronger deadlift, she was able pull for the win. She did it! It was an amazing deadlift with three white lights (Gino got carried away). What a way to end the day, the last deadlift attempt to decide the most competitive weight class of the day. Samantha totaled 565kg/1245lbs

This lift was a stamp of domination that the Ecuador team exhibited during today’s lifting.


Womens_Awards(Pictures by Zac Cooper)

Junior Winners:
Group A – Kenesia Monserrate (ECU) – 524.3 Wilks
Group B – Mariah Hamm (USA) on her last deadlift to edge out Samantha Viteri (ECU)

Women’s Open Team Standings (Unofficial)
Ecuador 12+12+12+9+9 = 54
Puerto Rico 12+12+9+6+6 = 45
Brazil 12+9+8+8+7 = 44
USA 12+8+8+8+7 = 43
Canada 7+7+5 = 19
Costa Rica 9
Trinidad & Tobago 8
Guyana 8
United States Virgin Island 7
Dominican Republic 5


Women’s Outstanding Lifters
Vilma Ochoa (ECU) 589.0
Cicera Tavares (BRA) 575.4
Isabel Maldonado (ECU) 552.1
Maria Luisa Vasquez Sique (PUR) 539.6
Tania Saavedra (ECU) 527.9

Men’s Schedule

Thursday July 4th – 53kg-66kg (Morning)
Thursday July 4th – 74kg (Evening)
Friday July 5th – 83kg (Morning)
Friday July 5th – 93kg (Evening)
Saturday July 6th – 105kg (Morning)
Saturday July 6th – 120kg-120+kg (Evening)

Here is a preview of the Men’s 2013 Pan American Championships


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