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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013

Day 1 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 1 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


The 2013 IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships are underway! Johnny Graham has reconfigured the layout of Killeen Convention Center in order to optimize space and create an intimate atmosphere. He has done a great job! The lifting pace has been a little slow, but we could see it picking up as the day progressed.

Women – SubJunior – 43kg/94lb Class


Teenager (14) Taylor LaChapelle (USA) overcame many obstacles today; she showed her competitive nature. Taylor was the first lifter of the entire meet. She was properly wrapped and ready to start the show when adversity showed up!

The meet was delayed a few minutes and she had to take off her knee wraps. As soon as she was unwrapped, the controllers table called bars loaded and started the clock (60 seconds to go). The coaching staff got her wrapped and up to the platform with 8 seconds remaining. Taylor got the “squat” command from the head judge simultaneously as the clock displayed 0. Then she successfully lifted the weight; it was easy! The crowd collectively and audibly let out their breath all at one time.

The last lifter of the first attempts was given an additional attempt because the spotter prematurely grabbed the bar. Well, guess who was all ready and wrapped for her second attempt? Yes, for a second time she had to unwrap and re-wrap her knees. She then successfully made 110kg/242lbs on her second attempt. Taylor’s last attempt squat was called for depth.

Taylor finished with a 62.5kg/138lbs bench press on her third attempt. On her second attempt deadlift, she grabbed the bar slightly off center and it was harder than it should have been. After a quick coaching adjustment she came back and made a great third attempt of 122.5kg/270lbs; a new personal record and a SILVER in the deadlift (2.5kg/5.5lbs from gold).

Taylor LaChapelle (USA) earned the bronze medal with a total of 295kg/650lbs. “I was really nervous during the squats. RG [Luckow] and the coaches said they needed the practice wrapping my knees, so their joking kept me relaxed,” says Taylor


From Adams Friendship, WI, Taylor will be starting the ninth grade next week. I don’t think she will have a problem making friends. Immediately after the competition she made it a point to talk with the Russian lifters. “We used our phones and google translator to communicate with them. We would type something in the phone, it would translate, and then they would type back a message. It was fun!” says Taylor

The opportunity to overcome adversity, like Taylor did today, was not part of the plan. However, I believe this was a great learning experience and confidence booster for her. Welcome to international powerlifting Taylor; we look forward to watching you in the future!

The surprise of this weight class was that Anna Stupko from Somoa did not make it to the meet. This left the door wide open for Daniela Kolesnik (RUS) & Butorina (RUS) to take first (340kg/749lbs)and second place (325kg/716lbs). This is not good news (not devastating either) for Team USA (SubJunior-Women).


Women – Junior – 43kg/94lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

1st – Mariia Starostina (RUS) – 315kg
2nd – Chiharu Aoki (JAP) – 287.5kg
3rd – A. Durand (FRA) – 285kg

Women – SubJunior – 47kg/103lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

1st – Veronika Oglezneva (RUS) – 362.5kg
2nd – Jenniffer Gonzales (ECU) – 327.5kg
3rd – Maria Burova (RUS) – 305kg


Women – Junior – 47kg/103lb Class


Texan Molly Zunker (USA) had a great day!

All of Molly’s squats were solid. She was credited for her second attempt of 145kg/320lbs. Her third attempt was determined high by the judges. Bench resulted in a similar experience with a solid second attempt of 70kg/154lbs and a missed 72.5kg/160lbs on her third. Molly was in fifth after subtotal.


Molly Zunker – Bronze Medalist

Molly and the coaching staff had their eye on a bronze medal! However, Grillet (FRA) and Churkina (RUS) were eyeing it too.

French lifter, Celine Grillet even passed on her second attempt to load up the bronze on her third; she was unsuccessful.

Molly made all three deadlifts finishing with 150kg/331lbs, which was enough for the silver medal in deadlift.

Molly Zunker (USA) finished with the bronze medal and a 365kg/804lbs total.

The battle for the gold came down to Tamara Stienkova (UKR) and Zinaida Evdokimova (RUS). With the lead going into deadlift Zinaida Eydokimova pulled conservatively what she need for the win on her second attempt. Zinaida totaled 402.5kg/887lbs.


Men – SubJunior – 53kg/116lb Class


Dalton La Coe (USA) has all the characteristics to develop into a powerlifting champion! Dalton started lifting competitively in March (6 Months ago), and is already impressing people.

Dalton La Coe

Dalton La Coe

Dalton had a great day finishing with the Silver medal and a total of 452.5kg/997lbs. “I had a good day, tried my best, and everything went as planned,” says Dalton

Dalton won the Gold medal in the squat and bench press; he had the lead going into deadlifts.

He had the winning deadlift in his hands on both his second and third attempt, but could not hang on. He will work on his grip issues in the future. Dalton did a fantastic job in his first time on the international stage; he will only get better.

Dalton takes the word determination to a new realm. Dalton has overcome significant challenges in his life. He was born with a rare cervical spine disease called Klippel-Feil Syndrome. This disease causes a fusion of the cervical spine. Throughout his entire life, he has undergone many surgeries, including a broken neck (from horseplay). In February he was cleared by his doctors to start Powerlifting, so he gave it a try. Six months later he is impressing the international lifting community with his lifting ability. Great job, Dalton! You represented Clarks Summit, PA and Team USA well today!

With Dalton’s missed deadlifts, Gumendra Shewdas (GUY) was able to sneak in and take the gold medal. Gumendra totaled 475kg/1,047lbs.


UPDATE:  According to IPF Suspension List, Gumendra Shewdas was disqualified.


Congratulations to Dalton La Coe for winning the IPF Sub-Junior World Championships!



Men – Junior – 53kg/116lb Class


Aaron Burch, from Horn Lake, MS, USA also had a great day. This was his first international experience, but lifted like a veteran.

Aaron missed his second attempt squat (depth), but came back and made it on his third attempt. This lift of 217.5kg/479lbs earned him the gold medal in the squat.

Aaron Burch

Aaron Burch

Making all three of his bench presses resulted in a silver medal (145kg/319lbs). Aaron’s weakest lift is the deadlift. After his successful opening attempt, his grip became a major issue. Aaron finished the day with 6th place finish and a 472.5kg/1,041lbs total. Aaron became a different lifter today after competing on this stage. Look for him to make more Junior World teams.

Mario Leos, a student at the University of Texas, looked like a much improved lifter since Men’s Nationals in July. He was able to pull and to beat teammate Aaron Burch for 5th place. Mario totaled 477.5kg/1,052lbs.


Mario Leos

Mario had a huge support team, and they were making some noise. Many of Mario’s collegiate teammates made the short drive from Austin to support him. Fellow teammates Ian Bell and Preston Turner lift later in the week. The University of Texas is on top of the world right now in collegiate powerlifting. This performance today by Mario will bring additional momentum into next years collegiate nationals.

The 2011 IPF JR World Champion, Krut Kirill (RUS), was not going to be stopped today. He is an outstanding lifter with a nice total of 580kg/1,212lbs.


Women – SubJunior – 52kg/114lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

1st – Ekaterina Purtova (RUS)
2nd – Kelly Lapierre (ECU)

Women – Junior – 52kg/114lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

Anna Filimonova (RUS) dominated as expected. She totaled 437.5kg with a leading Wilks of 554.28.


Anna Filimonova (Russia)


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