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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013

Day 2 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 2 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


Day 2 of the IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Champions are complete.  The pace of the meet has considerably sped up! The majority of Team USA have arrived; the cohesion forming for both the SubJunior and Junior team is quite evident. Today was also the busiest and longest day with seven lifters competing for Team USA.

Team USA did not particularly have the best of days. However, there were many bright spots that we will highlight.


Men – SubJunior – 59kg/130lb Class

This class was everything that we thought it would be. As expected, it came down to the last deadlift.

Thomas Soto (Calallen HS, TX) was able to put together a great meet. He finished his squat with a big 210kg/463lbs. He made all three bench presses with the third being 120kg/264lbs. He didn’t have an extra ounce left in him; the perfect number was called.

Thomas sat with a subtotal of 330kg/727lbs going into deadlift; with the heaviest opener posted on the scoring board.

Thomas Soto

Thomas Soto


Jerry Alaniz (Laredo Alexander HS, TX) also had a great start. He made a strong squat of 217.5kg/479lbs on his third attempt. After his second bench press, a big and risky call was made. The coaching staff changed his bench press shirt and made a 12.5kg/27lbs jump on his third attempt. This risk paid off and was rewarded with Gold medal in bench press and a nice 150kg/331lb bench.

Jerry was then tied at subtotal (367.5kg/810lbs) with Bulat Samkaev of Russia for first place.

Bulat Samkaev (RUS) was successful in his third attempt squat of 225kg/496lbs and had a solid bench press of 142.5/314lbs. Bulat had both a lighter weight and lot number which became a huge advantage for him going into deadlift.

Bulat was able to take the exact same weight as Jerry Alaniz on every attempt.

All three lifters made successful first and second attempts. The coaching staff had only one true option and that was to try and pick a number at the absolute top end of Jerry’s ability today. However, Jerry was out of gas, and his third attempt was not successful. Regardless, Samkaev made the same weight of 205kg/452lbs.

Jerry Alaniz still had the last deadlift of the class. The coaching staff would wait and see if Samkaev made his last deadlift, then they put in 245kg/540lbs for the win. It was a valiant effort, but it was a little to much (today).

Side Note: When two members of TeamUSA are in the same weight class and they are battling each other for position, the coaching staff decides before hand who will make the decisions on attempts for each lifter. Those two coaches will work against each other for the sake of each lifters best interest. I have never seen an American coach in international competition sacrifice one lifter over another. However, I can’t say the same for other countries.

Thomas and Jerry have nothing to hang their heads about. Both these young men brought home many individual lift medals. They did a wonderful job representing Team USA and the state of Texas. These two young men are the same age, so don’t thing this is the last time we will write about the two of them battling it out.

Thomas Soto Jerry Alaniz

Thomas Soto (Left) & Jerry Alaniz (Right)

1st – Balat Samkaev (RUS) – 572.5kg/1,262lbs
2nd – Jerry Alaniz (USA) – 562.5kg/1,240lbs
3rd – Thomas Soto (USA) – 547.5kg/1,207lbs


Men – Junior – 59kg/130lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

Even though no USA lifter was entered into this class, the entire Team USA was watching. They were watching the battle between Sergi Antoniuk (UKR) and Konstantin Makarov (RUS).

If you read out Preview and Path to Team USA Victory article, we mentioned the importance of Team Russia not taking 12 points from this weight class.

Sergei Antoniuk with a 267.5/589lbs squat started pulling away from Makarov. This trend continued in the deadlift.

Sergei Antoniuk (UKR) beat Konstantin Makarov (RUS) in the 59kg/130lbs; this could have huge implications at the end of the week for Team USA!

1st – Sergii Antoniuk (UKR) – 625kg/1,377lbs
2nd – Konstantin Makarov (RUS) – 610kg/1,344lbs
3rd – Oleg Yasenetskiy (UKR) – 597.5kg/1,317lbs


Women – SubJunior – 57kg/125lb Class

Two Russians versus two Americans going head to head!

The Americans were too much for the Russians today. One of the Russians was disqualified and the other could not keep up with the deadlifts of Americans Ariel Bulmash and Lauren Lent.

Lauren Lent (Witnall HS, WI) has a huge squat; a gold medal worthy squat. She finished with 162.5kg/358lbs, which I think was a personal record for her. Lauren then was successful with a 77.5kg/172lbs bench press. Her subtotal going into deadlift was 240kg/529lbs.

Lauren Lent

Lauren Lent

Ariel Bulmash (South Forsyth HS, GA) finished a squat of 137.5kg/303lbs. Ariel’s most impressive lift is her bench press. She made a successful third attempt of 107.5kg/237lbs! Her subtotal going into deadlift was 245kg/529lbs. Lauren was up by 5kg/11lbs going into deadlift. Lauren weighed lighter, in case of a tie, this may give her an advantage at the end.

Both Lauren and Ariel successfully opened with 145kg/319lbs; they were both easy. Both second attempts (155kg/341lbs)were successful, but they were not identical in ease. Lauren’s deadlift looked much stronger. So, the first flinch in strategy was made by Ariel Bulmash and her coaches.

Ariel and her coach decided on a conservative approach and went up 5kg/11lbs on the third attempt. This would ultimately require Lauren to make a 10kg/22lbs jump on her last attempt.

Ariel successfully pulled the 160kg/352lbs (not a bad pull!) and then had to wait. The bar was loaded to 165kg/363lbs for Lauren Lent for the win, but it was unsuccessful. This weight was slightly out of her range today.

Ariel Bulmash

Ariel Bulmash

Congratulations to Ariel Bulmash for taking home the Gold for Team USA!

Both women successfully represented Team USA, and was successful collecting much needed first and second place points. Great job ladies! These two young and relatively inexperienced lifters will only make each other better in the future.

1st – Ariel Bulmash (USA) – 405kg/892lbs
2nd – Lauren Lent (USA) – 395kg/870lbs
3rd – Natalia Shabusova (RUS) – 365kg/804lbs


Women – Junior – 57kg/125lb Class

This has been the most competitive class we have seen this week at the World Championships. The difference between 2nd place and 7th place was only 22.5kg/50lbs!

American lifter and three time world champion Michelle Van Dusen moved up to the 57kg/125lb class this year.

The day started rough when her third attempt squat was turned down by the judges on depth. She finished with a disappointing (to her) 172.5kg/380lbs. She bench pressed 85kg/187lbs. At subtotal she was in 6th place;  not a position that she has ever been in before.

Michelle Van Dusen

Michelle Van Dusen

After opening deadlifts, she moved into fourth place with a successful 165kg/363lbs attempt.

Michelle passed on her second attempt to save energy for one last deadlift.

The strategy of passing on your second attempt to save energy for the exact number is sometimes a risky proposition. However, in certain levels of competition, and in the right situation, it can work very well.

Michelle had the opportunity to pull for second or third place; she helped make the decision.  It was an overwhelming vote for a number that would give her the silver medal. So she loaded up 180kg/396lbs.

Unfortunately, it was slightly out of her reach today. This was a tough day for Michelle, but she has several more years at the junior level. She will return in the near future to redeem herself.

Erin Stevenson (Boise, ID) was also in the 57kg class.  She also found herself in a very tough and competitive weight class.

Erin finished with a squat of 162.5kg/358lbs. Her most impressive lift of the day was her 110kg/242lbs third attempt bench press. This lift earned her the gold medal in the bench press!

Erin Stevenson

Erin Stevenson

Erin also attempted a deadlift of 152.5kg/336lbs for a potential move to fourth. However, it was unsuccessful. She finished with 145kg/319lbs on her second attempt and a fifth place finish.

Erin was thrilled to be lifting on the international stage.  ”For the past three years, I have been training for this particular meet.  This was the biggest lifting opportunity that I have ever had.  To be part of the team this year is a big blessing.” – Erin Stevenson

Victoria Karlysheva (RUS) dominated this class. Her world record squat of 207.5kg/457lbs sent a message to the other competitors that the best they could do today was come in second place.

Victoria Karlysheva

Victoria Karlysheva (RUS)

1st Victoria Karlysheva – 490kg/1,080lbs
2nd Kenia Monserate – 437.5kg/964lbs
3rd Savanah Porzuczek – 430kg/948lbs
4th Michelle Van Dusen – 422.5g/931lbs
5th Erin Stevenson 417.5kg/920lbs


Men – SubJunior – 66kg/145lb Class – NO USA LIFTER

1st – Ilya Mishin (RUS) – 645kg/1,422lbs
2nd – Vitaliy Kas’yanenko (UKR) – 645kg/1,422lbs
3rd – Yosuke Kiuchi (JAP)


Men – Junior – 66kg/145lb Class

James Vang (Appleton, WI), made his international debut today. James has only been lifting for about two years at the University of Georgia. James was not only representing Wisconsin and UGA, he was representing Hmong-American people group. “Being able to lift on the team as the first generation of Hmong people is a stepping stone not only for me in the sport, but also for the Hmong-American’s as a whole,” says James.

James squats looked very good, finishing with 260kg/573lbs. His best bench press was 167.5kg/369lbs.

James Vang

James Vang

On his first deadlift (237.5kg/523lbs), he got the bar just about to lock out and the bar popped out of his hands. This incident derailed plans of loading up a solid third attempt for the bronze medal. James was not the only lifter with a grip issue in the flight. Several other lifters had a similar occurrence in this flight.

After a successful second attempt of 240kg/529lbs, the coaching staff decided to keep him within his limit on a third attempt and not attempt for a medal. His third attempt of 247.5kg/545lbs was a perfect number. James finished with a 675kg/1,488lbs total and fourth place.

James has nothing to be disappointed about today. Obviously this class was stacked with older and more experienced lifters. He represented Team USA well today and will use this experience in future international experiences. Great job James!

1st – Yoshito Nishimura (JAP) – 727.5kg/1,603lbs
2nd – Alexander Shipshin (RUS) – 695kg/1,532lbs
3rd – Oleksandr Borodatyi (UKR) – 685kg/1,510lbs
4th – James Vang (USA) – 675kg/1,488lbs
5th – Alex Ochoa (ECU) – 662.5kg/1,460lbs


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