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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013

Day 3 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 3 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


Everyone has been talking about Texas lifters all week (including myself), but today belongs to LOUISIANA lifters (Perkasie, PA too)!


Women – SubJunior – 63kg/138lb Class


This class was filled with the best of the Europeans. However, Denisha Melancon, from Lutcher, LA, was ready to compete for a medal and show off her amazing deadlift!

Denisha looked extremely strong on all of her squats. Put some weight on the bar coach!  She finished with a new personal record of 152.5kg/336lbs on her third attempt squat.

She continued her success in the bench press with 75kg/165lbs on her second attempt.

Denisha is known for her deadlift ability. What will it take to move into third place for bronze medal? A huge number! Yes, the SubJunior WORLD RECORD would have to be pulled. Coaches Joe Lewis and Jon Magendie loaded up 193kg/425lbs.

Denisha Melancon

Denisha Melancon – SubJunior World Record Deadlift

Denisha was not phased by this feat, she walked up to the bar just like every other attempt, and did what she does. She gave 100% and successfully pulled it! She was given many sticking points to give up, but she does not know the word ‘quit’.

Big congratulations to Denisha Melancon (USA) for a 193kg/425lbs SubJunior World Record Deadlift, the overall bronze medal, and a huge total of 420.5kg/927lbs!

1st – Ludmila Stepynina (RUS) – 432.5kg/953lbs
2nd – Kateryna Ivania (UKR) – 425kg/937lbs
3rd – Denisha Melancon (USA) – 420.5kg/927lbs
4th – Majken Hansen (DEN) – 420kg/926lbs


Women – Junior – 63kg/138lb Class


Beverly Crawford (Perkasie, PA) was technically flawless today! She had an amazing day in the squat finishing with a 185kg/408lbs. Her third attempt was stronger than her second attempt. Sometimes you just know when a lifter is ready. She was ready today!

Beverly Crawford

Beverly Crawford

Her bench press went very well, making all three attempts and finishing with the perfect number of 90kg/198lbs.

With third place secured and silver realistically out of reach, she went with her original game plan on deadlifts. She finished with 175kg/385lbs on her second attempt. She went 8 for 9 with a 450kg/992lbs total. She was thrilled with the performance and the bronze medal.

Beverly is a senior at Auburn University majoring in Cardiac Rehab. She would like to thank her boyfriend and coach Brooks [Conway]. Beverly says, “He puts 100% into this for me, supports me, and to have him there next to me while I step on the world platform is all I that I could ask for.”


Brooks Conway – Coach (Left) and Beverly Crawford (Right) 






Johanna Aguinaga (ECU) had a huge squat of 197.5kg/435lbs that gave her an early lead. Olga Adamovich (RUS) faltered on her opening bench press, but she started making up ground soon after. Olga attempted the Junior World Record deadlift to move into first place. It was a nice attempt, but it was just a little too heavy!

1st – Johanna Aquinaga (ECU) − 497.5kg/1,097lbs
2nd – Olga Adamovich (RUS) – 485kg/1,069lbs
3rd – Beverly Crawford (USA) – 450kg/992lbs



Men – SubJunior – 74kg/163lb Class – NO USA LIFTER


1st – Yury Gimgin (RUS) – 625kg/1,377lbs
2nd – Jun Furakawa (JAP) – 410kg/903lbs


Men – Junior – 74kg/163lb Class


Jordan Dunn is in a league of his own! The defending world powerlifting champion and Louisiana Tech lifter had a great day today.

His second attempt squat was beautiful (320kg/705lbs). On his third attempt the Junior World Record was loaded up with 330kg/716lbs; it was just too much today.

IPF Junior World Champion Jordan Dunn

IPF Junior World Champion Jordan Dunn

Three years ago, the IPF changed weight classes and created “standards” for the world records. So no one actually owns that squat record. Another words 320kg/705lbs at this body weight is a very respectable lift.

Jordan had a huge stumble to start the bench press. The bar drifted out of his groove and was not able to fully lock it out. Sometimes the best lifters are not remembered by their best lifts, but how they handled adversity. Jordan came back strong on his second attempt bench of 217.5kg/479lbs after a few equipment adjustments. His third attempt of 222.5kg/490lbs was not successful.

Going into deadlifts, Jordan was in the lead by 20kg/44lbs. His second deadlift was his most energetic lift of the day. He finished with 262.5kg/578lbs on his second attempt.  This attempt was an unexpected bronze in the deadlift.  Jordan totaled 800kg/1,763lbs.

Great job Jordan, Team USA, Louisiana, and the IronDawgs are very proud of you!

1st – Jordan Dunn (USA) – 800kg/1,763lbs
2nd – Toru Ashihara (JAP) – 757.5kg/1,669lbs
3rd – Daniel Nguyen (FRA) – 735kg/1,620lbs


Since today was a big day for Louisiana lifters, I thought that I would take my editorial privileges and post a picture of two of my mentors from Louisiana. Dr. Billy Jack Talton and Jon Magendie happened to be both in attendance. One of our conversations included the question of what was the greatest single performance by a Louisiana Tech lifter. Obviously Jordan Dunn’s lifting today was in the mix (more in the future).

These men are two of the greatest powerlifting coaches of all-time! Thanks, gentleman!

Jon Magendie Billy Jack Talton

Jon Magendie (Left) and Dr. Billy Jack Talton (Right) 


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