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Posted by on Aug 1, 2013

Day 3 Report – World Games

Day 3 Report – World Games


Session 1 – Women Super Heavy Weight – 84kg-84+kg (185lb-185+lb) Class


USA lifter Liane Blyn started with a solid performance. After missing her second attempt squat, she came back and made a great third attempt of 230kg/507lbs. Her second attempt bench was very strong (157.5kg/347.5lbs). She pressed 165kg/364lbs on her third attempt, but it was turned down by the judges.

Liane stumbled on her opening deadlift, but made it on her second attempt (205kg/452lbs). She moved up to 212.5kg/468lbs but failed to lock it out; it was very close. She totalled 592.5kg/1,306lbs. Today was not her best day, but she represented Team USA well. She finished in 5th place. Great job, Liane.

Svetlana Tcvetkova (RUS) only made her second bench, but pulled three nice deadlifts (227.5kg/501lbs) to finish in third place.

Ielja Strik (NED) took the early lead with a Master 1 world record, last squat of 262.5kg/579lbs. She made a huge bench press of 175kg/386lbs. However, her bid for the gold was derailed by only making her opening deadlift, and by Olena’s amazing deadlift.

Olena Kozlova (UKR) came from behind and pulled a nice 240kg/529lbs on her second to lock up the gold medal. With her 255kg/562lbs squat and 150kg/331lbs bench, Olena totaled 645kg/1,422 with a Wilks of 601.2.



1st Olena Kozlova (UKR) 601.2 Wilks
2nd Ielja Strik (NED) 575.2 Wilks
3rd Svetlana Tcvetkova (RUS) 566.3 Wilks
4th Ya-Wen Chang (RUS) 554.3 Wilks
5th Liane Blyn (UKR) 542.5 Wilks
Official Results can be found here


Session 2 − Men Super Heavy Weight – 120kg-120+kg (265lb-265+lb) Class


Crazy!!! Want to win the gold? At a minimum you have to break the world record total today!

American Nick Weite (USA) has a super-slow squat descent. His second attempt was called for depth, and he had a small descent off the bar on his third attempt. He finished squats with 380kg/834lbs. He only made his opener of 252.5kg/557lbs in the bench.

Nick put together three nice deadlifts, barely missing his last. He finished with a 350kg/771lbs deadlift, 982.5kg/2,166lbs total, and finished 9th in one of the most competitive flights of powerlifters ever.

Two weeks ago, I wrote that Nick Tylutki could be the strongest drug-free policeman in America. I’m waiting for emails to start pouring in about Nick Weite being the strongest.


Viktor Testov’s (UKR) opening squat was super easy (but he left a clue for the judges). He was called for depth on his second attempt. So, he took it really deep on his third (435kg/959lbs). This may have been the most important adaptation of the entire World Games!

“OH WOW”, is what the announcer spontaneously said after Viktor easily made his opening bench press of 350kg/771lbs. He went 360kg/794lbs (new world record) on his second attempt; it was much tougher, but successful. An attempt of 365kg/805lbs, was a little too much, with a slightly unlocked left elbow.

Carl Christensen (NOR) also had a super easy squat opener of 440kg/970lbs. He went 455kg/1,003lbs and made it look easy; a new JR world record! He then went 465kg/1,025 an amazing new JR world record!

Carl missed his opening and second attempt bench press. Half-way up, the bar descended on each of his first two attempts. He successfully made it on his third (315kg/694lbs) with no question.

Andrey Konovalov (RUS) had super easy opening squat of 450kg/992lbs. A second attempt of 465kg/1,025lbs was a new open world record! He went 472.5kg/1,042lbs on his third attempt. He had trouble walking it out (who wouldn’t); you can tell on his face that his right foot was not where he wanted it. He went down and up with it very strong, but he was called for depth by the judges. Andrey and Carl both squat 465kg/1,025lbs with respective world records. With the lower body weight, Victor was leading Wilks going into bench press.

Andrey had an amazing bench press day making all three and finishing with a “mere” 355kg/783lbs.
Andrey was leading Victor by the smallest of margins heading into deadlift.

Andrey Konovalov (RUS) opened successfully with 337.5kg/744lbs in the deadlift, which was the NEW TOTAL WORLD RECORD. On his second attempt he easily pulled 347.5kg/766lbs!

Viktor Testsov (UKR) also made his first two deadlifts with 352.5kg/777lbs being his second attempt. This attempt tied his original best and world record total of 1,147.5kg/2,530lbs.

Of course it came down to the last deadlift! Andrey pulled 357.5kg/788lbs to take the lead. Then Viktor loaded up 360kg/794lbs for the gold medal. He almost made it, but lost it at the top.  What a great battle!


Andrey Konovalov smashed the WORLD RECORD TOTAL; it now stands at 1,177.5kg/2,596lbs!



1st Andrey Konovalov (RUS) 645.2 Wilks
2nd Viktor Testsov (UKR) 642.0 Wilks
3rd Carl Christensen (NOR) 623.5 Wilks
4th Maxim Barkhatov (RUS) 605.1 Wilks
5th Volodymyr Svistunov (UKR) 592.9 Wilks


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