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Posted by on Aug 29, 2013

Day 4 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 4 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


Today was the half-way point of the IPF SubJunior and Junior World Championships. As predicted in our 21 Day Nominations Article, the 83kg SubJunior class, with only four lifters would be combined with another class. They were added in with the Juniors in the late session. This provided for a morning of rest for all of the meet staff, officials, and coaches. Hats off the IPF, technical secretary, and lifters for being flexible and recognizing the need for a break.


Women – SubJunior – 74kg/163lb Class


Bailey Dunks from Los Fresnos, TX was fun to watch today. She had on a sparkling red headband, but it was her lifting that made an impression.

The start of the day was a little sluggish. During her warm-ups, nerves took over and they were a bit slow. The coaching staff took immediate action and lowered her opener. However, once she got those first three white lights, she calmed down considerably (This is a common response for a few lifters).

Bailey made all three squats finishing with a strong 147.5kg/325lbs. She then made her first two bench presses, finishing with 92.5kg/204lbs.

Making attempts was critical. Second place through fourth place was separated by the smallest of margins going into deadlift. Frida Leandersson (SWE) was way ahead, but Yuliya Orobets (UKR) and Aozora Yoshioko (JAP) were ready to knock Bailey out of second place.

During deadlifts, Bailey’s opening pull of 142.5kg/314lbs was solid. However, the pace of the meet started catching up with her. She missed her second and third attempts. This dropped her into third place. Aozora Yoshioko (JAP) tried to pull for third, but was unsuccessful.

Congrats to Bailey Dunks, from deep south Texas, on her bronze medal today!

1st – Frida Leandersson (SWE)
2nd – Yuliya Orobets (UKR)
3rd – Bailey Dunks (USA)
4th – Aozora Yoshioko (JAP)


Women – Junior – 74kg/163lb Class


Texas A&M lifter, Olivia Harrington (Nederland, TX), is now an international experienced lifter. Olivia fell into a very competitive class this year, but she gave it her all.

After a great looking opening squat, she missed her second attempt. The weight drifted a little forward. However, she showed great determination by coming back and successfully completing 172.5kg/380lbs on her third attempt.

Bench press went the exact same way! Olivia missed her second attempt, but then came back and pressed 115kg/253lbs on her third.

Olivia made her first two deadlifts; she finished with 165kg/364lbs and a total of 452.5kg/997lbs. Great job today, Olivia!

Olivia Harrington (USA)

Olivia Harrington (USA)

Also making her first appearance on the international platform was Alexus “Alex” Jackson.

Alex is a closed stance squatter, coached by Travis Warner, from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She showed her abilities by successfully squatting 187.5kg/413lbs on he second attempt.

Alex has solid bench press technique and completed a gold medal winning weight of 120kg/264lbs. She missed her third attempt due to slight descent of the bar.

Alex Jackson

Alex Jackson (USA)

Alex had enough energy and determination to hold off Sara Nyholm (DEN) for the bronze medal. Alex pulled an impressive 170kg/374lbs on her third attempt. She totaled 477.5kg/1,052lbs.

Both Alex and Olivia did a great job today and represented Team USA quite well.
Marte Elverum (NOR) was beyond impressive during the squat. She finished with 230kg/507lbs!

Interestingly, Marte Elverum (NOR) is very familiar to Texas; she spent an entire year of High School in Tyler, TX. I’m sure she considered today a successful homecoming. She totaled 515kg/1,135lbs for the gold medal.

Marte Elverum

Marte Elverum (SWE)

1st – Marte Elverum (NOR)
2nd – Kateryna Ivania (UKR)
3rd – Alexus Jackson (USA)
4th – Sara Nyholm (DEN)
5th – Olivia Harrington (USA)


Men – SubJunior – 83kg/183lb Class


Jamie Czajkowski, from Rockdale, TX, exhibited the raw talent than can come from the state of Texas.

Jamie’s squats were all very strong. He completed 247.5kg/545lbs on his second attempt. He made a beautiful third attempt squat, but he did not wait on the “rack” command. This was a tough mistake to swallow as the day went on.

Jamie Czajkowski

Jamie Czajkowski (USA)

During the bench press, he still looked strong with plenty of energy. He finished with 192.5kg/424lbs on his second attempt. His third attempt of 202.5kg/446lbs was just too much.

Then, the worst thing that could happen while battling for the win, actually happened. Jamie lost his balance and was unsuccessful with his opening deadlift (227.5kg/501lbs). A decision was made to take off his suit and put on a singlet for his second attempt. Jamie went out to the platform on his second attempt, but the weight did not budge.

You would then expect full crisis mode. However, head coach Joe Lewis and his staff did what they do best. Their expertise is effectively communicating with young lifters during times of high stress. The deadlift suit was put back on and Jamie successfully pulled his third attempt for the silver medal.

The state of Texas produces numerous outstanding high school lifters. However, making the adaptations to the international platform is tough (regardless of where you are from). Jamie will take this experience and learn from his mistakes. Expect to see Jamie at High School Nationals next year (Killeen, TX) ready to battle for a spot on next years team.

Martin Engquist (SWE) had the opportunity to pass Jamie on his last attempt, but he made and unsuccessful third deadlift to move into first place.

1st – Maxim Babikov (RUS) – 690kg/1,521lbs
2nd – Jamie Czajkowski (USA) – 667.5kg/1,471lbs
3rd – Martin Engquist (SWE) – 667.5kg/1,47lbs
4th – Takuya Fenamoto (JAP) – 560kg/1,234lbs


Men – Junior −83kg/183lb Class – NO USA LIFTER


The bars is starting to bend on the backs of these lifters as the week goes on. They keep loading more and more 25kg/55lbs red plates.

Roman Martynenko (UKR) squatted 330kg/727lbs!

Our website gets a wonderful amount of traffic from New Zealand. Thanks for following along. Here is silver medalist Brett Gibbs’ squat of 320kg/705lbs.

 Brett Gibbs

1st – Roman Martynenko (UKR) – 857.5kg/1,890lbs
2nd – Brett Gibbs (NZL) – 830kg/1,829lbs
3rd – Alexander Huber (AUT) – 807.5kg/1780lbs



Tomorrow will be a big day for Team USA with lifters Ian Bell, Travis McKinney, China Storks, Heather Heaty, & Ashleigh Andrews taking to the platform!

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