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Posted by on Aug 30, 2013

Day 5 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 5 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


The morning session had 7 lifters and it was blazing fast! Squat and Bench press were completed in 62 minutes. The entire session from first squat to last deadlift took a mere 100 minutes.


Women – SubJunior – 84kg/185lb Class


China Storks and Heather Heath were set to battle it out for the gold medal. Ultimately, they battled to conserve energy during the quick pace of the meet.

Heather Heath, from Fort Worth, TX started the competition with a 182.5kg/402lbs squat. However, her strongest lift is the bench press. She successfully made 127.5kg/281lbs on her second attempt and clinched the bench press gold medal.

During the deadlift, she pulled 162.5kg/358lbs on her second attempt. Energy for a successful attempt of 165kg/363lbs was not available. She finished with the silver medal and a 472.5kg/1,042lbs total.

Heather Heath

Heather Heath (USA)

China Storks, from Lutcher, LA got the early lead and never looked back. China made a big (gold medal) squat of 195kg/429lbs and bench press of 97.5kg/215lbs. During the deadlift, she was able to stay one pull ahead of teammate Heather Heath.

China finished with a 192.5kg/425lbs deadlift on her second attempt. She really struggled with 205kg/452lbs on her third. This amount of weight is not what she was expecting, but the pace of the meet should be factored in. She was still the best SubJunior 84kg/185lbs lifter on the platform today.

Congrats to China Storks and Heather Heath for placing first and second at the IPF SubJunior World Championships in Killeen, TX!

China Storks

China Storks (USA)


1st – China Storks (USA) – 485kg/1,069lbs
2nd – Heather Heath (USA) – 472.5kg/1,041lbs
3rd – Mirella Laukkanen (FIN) – 422.5kg/931lbs


Women – Junior – 84kg/185lb Class


Texas A&M lifter, Ashleigh Andrews had a rough day. She was called for depth on her second attempt squat and was unable to complete her third attempt. With no successful squat, she was disqualified from the overall competition. However, she was eligible for individual medals for each lift.

Ashleigh Andrews

Ashleigh Andrews

The day was not a total wash; she finished with a bronze medal in the bench press and deadlift. Ashleigh is a great lifter, she will refocus and move forward.

1st – Inger Ruud (NOR) – 570kg/1,256lbs
2nd – Ekaterina Baranova (RUS) – 552.5kg/1,218lbs
3rd – Alexandra Tichy (AUT) – 490kg/1,080lbs


Men – SubJunior – 93kg/205lb Class


Travis McKinney (Iola, WI) had a great technical day on the platform. It started with a nice squat of 272.5kg/600lbs. What was most impressive today was his bench press. Travis broke the SubJunior WORLD RECORD Bench Press of 227.5kg/501lbs on third attempt.

Travis McKinney

Travis McKinney (USA)

Travis also had a gold medal deadlift of 302.5kg/666lbs on his third. He finished the day with an 802.5kg total. Travis has quite a  promising future on the international platform. Congratulations, Travis!

Alexey Tsapa (RUS) built a big lead after a gigantic SubJunior World Record squat of 350kg/771lbs. His deadlifts were enough to keep a comfortable lead over Travis.

1st – Alexey Tsapa (RUS) – 837.5kg/1,846lbs
2nd – Travis McKinney (USA) – 802.5kg/1,769lbs
3rd – Vladislav Kulikovskii (RUS) – 730kg/1,609lbs


Men – Junior – 74kg/163lb Class


The defending world champion, Ian Bell, had the meet of his life! The audience got more than they expected today. My hope is that the next generation of lifters across the United States (and south Texas) were watching online.

“I have been dreaming and preparing for this meet for 3 years,” says Ian Bell (from San Antonio, TX). Everyone who witnessed his performance today will be talking about this meet for much longer than that!

He made all three squats finishing with a nice and strong 360kg/793lbs.  It was a conservative choice for his third attempt; he had 800+ today.

Ian Bell

Ian Bell (USA)

Bench Press also went well. His third attempt of 217.5kg/479.5lbs looked identical to his first two. His bench press is consistently getting better with time.

Why were the coaches conservative on his squat?  Their strategy was so that Ian could save a little in order to pull for the coveted 800lbs.

His deadlift opener was very easy, so his second attempted was a nice jump to 360kg/793kg It was a very smooth pull.

365kg/804lbs was turned in for his third attempt. Later it was changed to 363kg/800lbs, which would be the new Junior World Record.

Ian made it half way up. It was a valiant effort. He finished with 937.5kg/2,066lbs total.

Ian Bell

Ian Bell (USA)

The current Junior World Record Deadlift holder was in this flight too. His name is Erik Gunhamm from Sweden. After much discussion about what he could take for a third attempt, the final number was 365kg/804lbs. After a long set up, he absolutely smoked the lift. The crowd gasped it was too easy. It was quite impressive! Ian has a new goal to obtain.

Congratulations to Ian Bell for winning the IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships!

This was one of the greatest Team USA Junior performances of all-time. He amassed a Wilks of 591, and he is currently sitting ahead of Jordan Dunn (USA) for outstanding lifter.

1st – Ian Bell (USA) – 937.5kg/
2nd – Erik Gunhamm (SWE) – 895kg/1,344lbs
3rd – Alexander Vasev (RUS) – 865kg/1,317lbs


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