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Posted by on Aug 31, 2013

Day 6 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Day 6 Report – Junior World Powerlifting Championships


College football started this weekend in the state of Texas and across the country, but everyone in the Killeen Convention Center today was far more entertained by amazing lifting!

After another late start of 4:00PM CST, the crowd was starting to swell. It will be safe to say that we will have a packed house tomorrow.


Women – SubJunior – 84kg+/185+lb Class


Johannah Theisen (USA) goes 9 for 9 and wins the SubJunior World Championships in Killeen! She was very strong today.

She made all three squats (with a smile), finishing with 205kg/452lbs. She continued making the weight look light in the bench press. She finished with her third attempt of 115kg/253lbs.

Just when you thought she was slowing down, she pulled a perfect deadlift number of 187.5kg/413lbs on her last deadlift. She totaled 507.5kg/1,118lbs.

Johannah Theisen

Johannah Theisen

Johannah Theisen, from Eau Claire, WI, has a promising future. Johannah has a history of making big lifts and being one of the best High School lifters in the country. This young lady will be one to watch as she enters the Junior ranks.

Congratulations Johannnah on such a fine performance!


Women – Junior – 84+kg/185+lb Class


Ariel Parker and her huge following from Baton Rouge (LSU) made some noise today.

Ariel missed her second attempt squat of 252.5kg/556lbs, but she dug deep and buried it on her third attempt. After a successful 127.5kg/281lbs bench press, she was sitting in first place going into deadlift.

Ariel Parker

Ariel Parker

Ariel and the coaching staff did a great job of picking perfect numbers on each attempt. She made all three, with the third attempt being 197.5kg/435lbs.

Samantha Viteri (ECU) was always slightly behind Ariel on each lift. However, she loaded up 225kg/496lbs on her third attempt for the win. It was a great effort, and she successfully pulled it. Congrats, Samantha and the Ecuadorian team!

It was a tough loss for Ariel and for Team USA; however, Ariel lifted great and should be proud of her accomplishments.

1st – Samantha Vitieri (ECU) – 580kg/1,278lbs
2nd – Ariel Parker (USA) – 577.5kg/1,273lbs
3rd – Madelena Bialek (POL) – 555kg/1,223lbs


Men – SubJunior −105kg/231lb Class


Matt Garcia (Ben Bolt, TX) stumbled during the squats today. He only secured 280kg/617lbs on his opening attempts. His second attempt was considered high by the judges. His third attempt was deeper, but also called high by a 2:1 majority. Coach Joe Lewis made a lengthy protest at the jury’s table, but was unsuccessful.

Matt Garcia

Matt Garcia

Matt was not concerned with miscue on the squat. He refocused and successfully made all three bench presses. He finished with 212.5kg/468lbs on his third attempt.

During deadlift he missed his opening deadlift, but was successfull on his second (275kg/606lbs). He missed his third attempt and finished with a total of 767.5kg/1,692lbs.

1st – Vladislav Tereshenko (RUS)
2nd – Kevin Jaeger (GER)
3rd – Matt Garcia (USA)


Men – Junior – 105kg/231lb Class


The much anticipated 105kg/231lbs class was very entertaining!

Chris Vickery, from Sam Houston State University did not have his best day.

Coming into the day, there was anticipation for his best lift, the squat. Unfortunately, his strength was just not there today. He successfully completed his opener of 337.5kg/744lbs (which is still a great squat). He missed his second attempt on strength. Chris passed on his third attempt to save some energy.

During a powerlifting meet, lifters sometimes need a short memory. After his disappointing squat, Chris did what most people usually are not able to do. He internally changed his own momentum. After strong warm-ups for the bench press, he was refocused and ready to move on.

Back on the platform, he came back and finished with three great bench presses! His successful third attempt was 240kg/529lbs, which earned him a bronze in the bench.

At this point, Chris was pulling to secure the bronze medal. He had two lifters, Dominik Pahl (GER) and Szczepan Zimmermann (POL) hot on his heels after opening deadlifts.

The strategy was to make three solid deadlifts to stay out in front. This is exactly what Chris did. He made a wonderful pull of 282.5kg/622lbs on his third attempt. This was too much for the German or Polish lifters.

Chris Vickery

Chris Vickery

Congratulations to Chris Vickery for earning the bronze medal at the Junior World Championships. Way to refocus Vick!

The much anticipated lifting of Yury Belkin (RUS) was interesting. His junior world record attempt squat of 401.5kg/885lbs was turned down by the judges for depth. The crowd was shocked. He even seemed a little human after only making his opening deadlift. His third attempt did not crack the floor. Regardless, he had a Wilks of 601, which puts him in front of USA lifters, Ian Bell and Jordan Dunn for outstanding lifter.

1st – Yury Belkin (RUS) – 980kg/2,160lbs
2nd – Joachim Lindseth (NOR) – 942.5kg/2,077lbs
3rd – Chris Vickery (USA) – 860kg/1,896lbs




Women’s lifting has been completed for the week. Team USA did not win, but they did a wonderful job and represented USA well. Great job ladies! We know that all of these young ladies will read this article. Leave a comment below letting them know how proud you are of them!

Here are the unofficial results:

1st Russia 57
2nd USA 54
3rd Ukraine 18
4th Ecuador 18
5th Swedan 12

1st Russia 54
2nd Ecuador (4 lifters) 41
3rd USA 40
4th Norway 37
5th Ukraine 17


The IPF Junior World Powerlifting Championships conclude tomorrow with the Men’s 120kg/264lbs and 120+kg/264+lbs classes.


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