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Posted by on Aug 24, 2013

Predictions and Paths to Victory – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Predictions and Paths to Victory – Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Predictions and Paths to Victory for Team USA!


The IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships begin Monday, August 26th in Killeen, Texas, USA. The seven day event will showcase the world’s greatest powerlifting talent. A total of 32 countries are schedule to participate.

This event marks the first time since 2005 (Fort Wayne, IN) that this competition has been held in the United States. Not only is this meet in the U.S., but it is arguably in the heart of American powerlifting, TEXAS!  With over half of the team connected to the state of Texas, we are going to see a great crowd.


“Home-field Advantage”: Calling all family, friends, and spectators, these lifters need your support. It is your time to show up! I mean show up big! Texas Big! Come early, get ready to cheer on Team USA.

How important is this meet to the Texas lifters? I’ll let them speak for themselves. “I have been dreaming and preparing for this meet for 3 years,” says defending world champion, Ian Bell (from San Antonio, TX).

“The fact that this meet is in Texas is HUGE! The planets have aligned and we are able to witness a world IPF meet in our backyard. The best part of it all, is that our families and friends get to watch us in person, face-to-face, and not on a computer monitor at 4:00AM.” – Scott Dobbins from Burkburnett, TX).



Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 6.50.12 PM

Johnny Graham (above), USAPL & IPF Vice-President, has one of the most experienced, efficient, and hospitable staffs in the entire world. He is the man responsible for bringing this meet to Texas. If you don’t know Johnny, he will be the loudest guy in the room. I encourage you to say hello to him; you will never forget the conversation. The meet is in the spacious Killeen Civic & Conference Center. Nothing is lacking with this facility, including the large warm-up room.


Coaching Staffs

Junior Team: Curt St. Romain (Head), Cort Spellman, Jim Battenfield, David Hammers, & Jonathan Albritton

SubJunior Team: Joe Lewis (Head), Hector Munoz, Joel DeLaPaz, & RG Luckow

Junior World Coaches

Head Coaches Joe Lewis (left) and Curt St. Romain (Right)


Predicted Paths to Victory for Team USA

This is completely the opinion of (Not exhaustive and barring any major disqualifications; anything can and will happen).

Team scoring is based on a point system awarded by placings. Points are awarded for each place: 1st Place receives 12 points, 2nd place receives 9 points, 3rd place receives 8 points, etc. It is imperative for a team to win several weight classes in order to bring home the gold; sometimes you need a little help from other countries.

SubJunior Women

Path #1 – Of the four teams representing the USA. I think the SubJunior Women have the best chance to win the team title. It is not going to be a cake walk. The key to success is for these young ladies to make consistent lifts. An early lead would look like this: Russia not winning 43kg class and USA taking first in the 57kg class. A major lead could develop (Tuesday) when Denisha Melancon pulls for the win in the 63kg class.

Path #2 – Three first places for both USA and Russia resulting in a comparison of second place finishes. A likely outcome could be a tie in team points. The tie-break is determined by a total of Wilks points. Slight Advantage: USA.

SubJunior Men

Path #1 – Extremely close victory by USA.
I’ll cut to the chase, due to the lack of competition in several key weight classes, the Russians are going to score some major points. However, Team USA has a solid chance at winning. In my opinion, Team USA needs four victories. The head-to-head battle of Travis McKinney (USA) and Alexey Tsapa (RUS) will be of major importance. This would most likely result in a tie of team points. Slight Advantage: USA.

Junior Women

Paths #1-#6 – Extremely close team victory for USA.
Team USA is going to need a great week by all lifters, help from several other countries, and help from the Texas heat. I think they can do it (it happened last year)! Team USA will need to win three weight classes. Led by Michelle Van Dusen’s win on Tuesday, several other lifters become inspired and lift big at the end of the week. Help will also be needed (in some combination) by Japan (43kg), Ukraine (47kg), and Ecuador (52kg or 63kg).

Junior Men

Path #1 – Clear team victory for USA.
Four USA first place finishes, and help (Tuesday) from Yoshito Nishimura (JAP – 66kg favorite) OR Sergii Antoniuk (UKR – 59kg favorite). Game Over, USA celebrates in Killeen!

Path #2 – Close victory for USA.
It is no secret that the Russians are coming hard at Preston Turner (120) and Aaron Gonzales (120+). IF Russia and USA split these two weight classes, then I predict a tie in team points (54). Slight Advantage: USA

Path #3 – Nail biting victory for USA.
Help from Japan or Ukraine does not come (Tuesday) and both USA & Russia have four first place finishes. Advantage goes to Russia. However, If USA lifters also finish was an additional second place, then it will result in a tie and will be determined by Wilks points. Slight Advantage: USA


My Predictions – Team USA Sweep!

SubJunior Women – 1st Place – Great coaching cannot be overlooked in this situation.
SubJunior Men – 1st Place – By the absolute smallest of Wilks margins (3-8 points).
Junior Women – 1st Place – A repeat of last year when everything fell right into place.
Junior Men – 1st Place – By 15-20 Wilks Points.

Did anyone actually think that I would pick the Russians?


Recent Team USA Success by Year


Women SubJunior
2012-Poland (2nd), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (2nd), 2009-Brazil (1st), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (1st), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).


Men SubJunior
2012-Poland (2nd), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (1st), 2009-Brazil (2nd), 2008-South Africa (1st), 2007-France (3rd), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).


Women Junior
2012-Poland (1st), 2011-Canada (3rd), 2010-Czech Republic (3rd), 2009-Brazil (2nd), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (2nd), 2006-Bulgaria (2nd), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).


Men Junior
2012-Poland (1st), 2011-Canada (2nd), 2010-Czech Republic (3rd), 2009-Brazil (3rd), 2008-South Africa (2nd), 2007-France (2nd), 2006-Bulgaria (1st), & 2005-Fort Wayne, USA (2nd).


Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasting will be high quality with live results. Goodlift (responsible for all World Championships) is by far the best producers of streaming powerlifting in the world. Here is the link


Who is the IPF?

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), led by President Gaston Parage, is the international governing organization of powerlifting. The IPF was founded in 1972 and has been the entity organizing and promoting international powerlifting ever since. The IPF has a strong commitment to drug-free and fair competition with recognitions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), SportAccord, and International World Games Association (IWGA).
I highly encourage you to visit the IPF website, as well as, a great article on the history of the IPF. Great Stuff!



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We will be reporting each day from Killeen. Let us send you an email when each day’s meet report is available. Please enter your email below.


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