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Posted by on Aug 15, 2013

Preview of USAPL Bench Nationals

What to expect at Bench Nationals in Atlanta

Josh Rohr is simply going to put on a great meet. He is gaining experience, and his meets will continually get better. Not to exclude Matt Buttimer, he is also a major contributor in helping to put on quality meets in Atlanta. These guys want everyone to have a good time: Intro youtube videos #1 & #2.


Money, Money, Money

A great time in Atlanta is going to be paid-in-full for several lifters this weekend. Cash prizes will be awarded to the following winners. The payouts were voted for on Facebook by USAPL members. Payouts will only be for Open class lifters only and determined by Wilks formula.

Women’s Raw – $100
Women’s Equipped – $180
Men Raw (59kg-83kg) – $180
Men Raw (93kg-120+kg) – $180
Men Equipped (59kg-93kg) – $340
Men Equipped (105kg-120+kg) – $340
Men Equipped – 2nd place – $180
Total – $1,500


Saturday – Session 1 – All Women & Men 53kg-66kg – 9:00-1:00
Saturday – Session 2 – Men 74kg & 83Kg – 2:00-5:00
Sunday – Session 1 – Men 93kg & 105kg – 9:00-1:00
Sunday – Session 2 – Men 120kg & 120+Kg – 2:00-5:00
For full timeline click here

2014 Qualifier for:

IPF SubJunior, Junior & Open World Bench Press Championships – Rodby, Denmark
IPF Masters World Bench Press Championships – Northumberland, Great Britain
Arnold Titan Pro Bench – Columbus, Ohio, USA
Link to IPF Calendar

175 Lifters: (Top 5 States)

Georgia 28
Florida 18
Texas 15
Illinios 10
NC, VA, NC 9


Many of you know that for each meet, I put together, based on research, a list of predictions and “crowd favorites”. However, I will admit that, I am way over my head with these picks. With the number of lifters coming out of retirement, recovering from injury, or new to the scene, making prediction become difficult. Excluding the consensus picks (indicated with *) my prediction goal is a mere 50%.

*Female Raw Open ($95) – Jennifer Thompson
Female Equipped? Open ($180) – Jennifer Thompson Devan Doan-Curley (Because she is in the second flight)
*Female Masters – Jennifer Thompson
*Female Teen – Ashlee Lattner

Men Raw Open Light ($180) – William Garcia
Men Raw Heavy ($180) – Dennis Cieri
Men Equipped Light ($340) – Volodymyr Narolskyy
Men Equipped Heavy ($340) – Jonathan Leo
Men Equipped (2nd place – $180) – Adam Mamola
Men Masters – John Bogart
Men Juniors – Ryan Carrillo
*Outstanding Hand-off man: Eric Curry!

LIVE Text Message and Twitter Polls

We will be experimenting with LIVE polls and feedback through numerous internet, texting, and social media avenues! Everything will be fed through multiple channels and displayed on a separate screen, from the ballroom at the meet.


Live Interviews with Lifters

You VOTE on who gets interviewed! Meet director, Josh Rohr will interview who YOU, as an audience chooses. Respond to the poll to determine who should be interviewed. You will also get the opportunity to submit a specific question to that lifter!

Click here for more information & Live Streaming Link


I look forward to meeting many of you this weekend!


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  1. My boy John Rivas is coming in hot for the junior title.