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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013

Social Engagement at Bench Nationals

Social Engagement at Bench Nationals

Teaming up with Bench Nationals meet director, Josh Rohr (meet director of the future), we are bringing Powerlifting (BenchPress) to a new realm of entertainment, excitement, and social media engagement in the Powerlifting world. The goals: interactive, real-time, and fun.


LIVE Text Message and Twitter Polls

Whether you are sitting in the front row, in the warm-up room, or sitting in your pajamas in Boise, ID, we want your participation.

We will be experimenting with LIVE polls and feedback through numerous internet, texting, and social media avenues! Everything will be fed through multiple channels and displayed on a separate screen, from the ballroom at the meet and on Ustream.


Get Involved!:

Text Messages

You will be able to TEXT your vote or question from any device to a specific number! Here is an example, TRY IT OUT NOW!

Bench Nationals

After voting, click here for live results.  Standard text message rates apply.


Twitter Hashtag

The official twitter hashtag is #benchnationals; yes, use this and your tweet will be on the screen (and Ustream) as part of the polling.


Live Interviews with Lifters

You VOTE on who gets interviewed! Meet director, Josh Rohr will interview who YOU, as an audience chooses. Respond to the poll on who should be interviewed. You will also get the opportunity to submit a specific question to that lifter!


Don’t have text or twitter? No worries!

You can submit to polls and provide feedback or questions directly from any smart phone or web browser. That link will be be provided when streaming begins. For the time being, click here and see how easy it is!


International Text Messages

We have many followers from Europe, Russia, Taiwan, Canada, and Australia. We know you are watching. You can participate, too! However, your phone numbers are different. Please check out the following website for your phone number. My personal goal this weekend is for just ONE international viewer to text in during the polls. Please help us make this happen!  Here is a more detailed list of each country and carrier.  Remember, text messages rates apply to your specific carrier.


Are you overwhelmed?

We are too, but we want to let everyone have a voice while watching Bench Nationals. Choose the option above that is the easiest for you, and go with it. This is going to be fun!


The Ustream link to watch USAPL Bench Nationals starting Saturday morning.


You could follow us on Twitter (@Plifting1) or Like us on Facebook, but we would really like to go straight to your inbox.  Please consider signing up for free updates by entering your email address in the box below.  Thanks,  Trey

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  1. Trey – I am not sure how all this is going to play out but it sounds awesome. You continue to do amazing things for USAPL that I think are exactly what we need to create more of a following. You make all these meets very exciting for both lifters and followers. I’m sure I can speak for all USAPL athletes when I say we are incredibly grateful for what you are doing. I know it is not cheap or easy!!!

    • Blaine, Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am not sure we know how it is going to play out either. HaHa! However, we do know that our followers will overlook if we miss on a big “attempt” at trying something new and fresh. Thanks to all who are spreading the word, it is greatly appreciated! Trey


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