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Posted by on Sep 7, 2013

Final Thoughts – IPF SubJunior & Junior World Powerlifting Championships

Final Thoughts – IPF SubJunior & Junior World Powerlifting Championships


If I was to use only one word to describe the lifting at the IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships, it would be…INTENSE!

There was some amazing lifting! I was very impressed with several American lifters and their ability to rise to the international level of competition. I will always remember the look in Preston Turner‘s eyes on his last deadlift. It was as if he was looking straight into the eyes of every single supporter in the room while gratefully and humbling saying, “WE did it!”

In my opinion, the most impressive lift of the week came from Erik Gunhamn of Sweden. His Open World Record deadlift of 365kg/804lbs was so fast that everyone was in shock. This was after watching Ian Bell‘s successful pull of 360kg/793lbs and near World Record of 363kg/800lbs. Ian and Erik were both born in 1992. There is no telling what these two young men will push the World Record too.


Russian Dominance

Someone failed to mention to the Russian lifters that they were in America (and in Texas). Maybe it was lost in translation, but truthfully they could have cared less about where they lifted. They came to win, and they did. Once again, they out-lifted every country with flawless technique while keeping errors to a minimum.

The American men’s junior team came the closest to knocking off the Russians. With the same number of first place finishes, the Russians had better depth. The margin of victory was 3 points, but only a 37 margin in Wilks points.  Final Results of SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting here.


Hats off to Team USA’s coaching staff

Team USA’s coaching staff, led by Curt St. Romain and Joe Lewis, did a great job working with such a large group of inexperienced international lifters. Bringing a large group of lifters overseas is tough, but having the competition in the United States has its own challenges. The lifters did not all travel to the meet at the same time. This is not the norm. When competing out of the country, the team travels together and starts building cohesion and team bonding in an airport terminal. This team building is needed (doesn’t always happen) to survive a long and grueling week of competition.

The challenge to the coaching staff was to artificially recreate the bonding opportunities for the team members. The plan they came up with was a huge success!

A hospitality room was set up on the first floor of the meet hotel to create a “hang out” place for Team USA. What was included? Food, snacks, meeting and eating tables, TVs, and game consoles (PS3 & N64). There were several intense Xbox NCAA ’13 football match-ups during the week.

The food was carefully planned and prepared by several volunteer parents led by Liz Lent and Tina Crawford. Food was prepared (lunch and dinner) for a multitude of diets. Everything from grilled chicken to pizza was provided to meet all the dietary needs of the lifters. All of the lifters I talked to were quite thankful for a centralized, safe, and comfortable place to interact, meet, and share ideas with their teammates. I guarantee life long friendships were developed in that room.

SubJunior coach, Joe Lewis, celebrating team USA's many accomplishments!

SubJunior coach, Joe Lewis, celebrating team USA’s many accomplishments!


Killeen, TX

Once again, Johnny Graham and his staff put on a great meet. His group of spotters and loaders are among the best in the world.

Johnny Graham


Powerlifting1′s Goals

We had several simple goals (that took a lot of hard work) this week:

1) Providing quick and quality written coverage of the meet and Team USA’s lifters.

2) Providing information and assistance to many of the lifters local and school newspapers/TV stations (verdict is still out on the success).

3) Capturing a picture of every single Team USA lifter (all 32 were included in our articles).

4) Increasing our presence on social media (we still need help from our readers).

5) Pushing the overall exposure of this great sport.

In closing, we hope that you enjoyed our coverage of the 2013 IPF SubJunior and Junior World Powerlifting Championships. Thanks for following along!


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Top 10 Traffic (Metro Areas) – Dominated by the I-35 Corridor

1. Waco/Killeen/College Station, TX
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Austin, TX
4. Atlanta/Athens, GA
5. New York, NY
6. Boston, MA
7. Milwaukee, WI
8. Houston, TX
9. Dallas/Ft.Worth, TX
10. Chicago, IL


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