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Posted by on Oct 7, 2013

IPF General Assembly Agenda

IPF General Assembly Agenda


The 2013 IPF General Assembly will be held November 3rd in Stavenger, Norway. This is the International Powerlifting Federation’s (IPF) annual business meeting to discuss matters pertaining to the past year and to vote on proposals.

Gaston Parage International Powerlifting Federation IPF

IPF President, Gaston Parage, addressing the audience at last months SubJunior & Junior World Championships

The following list 5 points that stood out to me after I read the agenda containing administrative reports and proposals:

1. Quite a few meetings have been held in the last year between potential partner organizations, including: Sport Accord, World Games Council, International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), Special Olympics International (SOI), IOC Sports Director, & International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness (IFBB).

2. The IOC application remains in progress. Without details, it seems that a great deal of time and resources have been focused on this goal; which is phenomenal news. A potential decision on next steps may be revealed in December. In Gaston Parage’s (IPF President) report, he indicated that several new requirements need to be complied with. He did not address them specifically, but later in the document, the following requirements (great for the sport) were discussed by Emanuel Scheiber (Secretary General and lead on IOC application): Implementation of an athletes entourage committee (IOC Guidelines), implementation a code of ethics (IOC Code), competition fixing guideline (Sport Accord Doc), Sport for All commission (explanation), and election of an athletes representative on the EC (page 14).

This IOC document may give you an idea of the expansiveness and requirements of an international sport organization and what they are looking for with a successful sport.

3. An international coaching license will start next year. Details coming soon?

4. Drug free competition continues to be the top priority. It was reported that there were zero positives at the World Games. However, several countries (India, Iraq, & Kazakhstan) were put on one year suspension in 2013. Asian countries have accounted for 12 of the 19 positives thus far in 2013. Additional facts, figures & WADA information is included. Proposals (to be voted on) were included to increase national suspensions and fines for doping failures.

5. Australia proposed to include Masters and Bench Press divisions with the Raw/Classic Championships.

The above list is just a scratching of the surface of the information in the document. Remember, I am in no way associated with the IPF. Any conclusions or opinions stated above are strictly mine. I just read the agenda that was placed on the IPF website. I commend the IPF for publishing it for all nations and nation members to read before the meeting. I encourage everyone to read the 60 page document.

2013 IPF General Assembly Agenda


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