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Posted by on Oct 21, 2013

Nominations – Open World Powerlifting Championships

Nominations – Open World Powerlifting Championships

Charlie Conner (93kg) Team USA Powerlifter

Charlie Conner (93kg) Team USA Lifter

With roughly 14 days to go, the Women’s and Men’s World Powerlifting Championships are set to be spectacular. Held in Stavenger, Norway the red carpet is being rolled out for the worlds strongest athletes.

Provisional Time Schedule

Stavenger, Norway will be in the CET time zone which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States. Here is a link to determine your time in relation to Stavenger, Norway. 

Start Times (via IPF website; Invitation)

Sunday, Nov. 3rd
IPF General Assembly. This is the post we wrote two weeks ago concerning the General Assembly Agenda.

Monday, Nov. 4th
15:00 (9:00 EST) – Opening Ceremonies
15:30 (9:30 EST) – Men 59kg & 66kg Classes (~20 Lifters) – Doc Holloway & Michael Hafenbrack

Tuesday, Nov. 5th
14:00 (8:00 EST) – Women 47kg & 52 kg Classes (~21 Lifters) – Sue Elwyn & Juanita Najera
18:00 (Noon EST) – Men 74kg Class (~16 Lifters) – Tony Walton & Alexander Kang

Wednesday, Nov. 6th
14:00 (8:00 EST) – Women 57kg Class (~16 Lifters) – Rowena Lopez
17:00 (11:00 EST) – Men 83kg Class (~14 Lifters) – No USA Lifters

Thursday, Nov. 7th (New Times)
13:30  (7:30 AM EST) – Men 93kg Class (~18 Lifters) – Charlie Conner & Luis Jaimes
17:00 (11:00 EST) – Women 63kg & 72kg Classes (~23 Lifters) – Alyssa Hitchcock & Kathleen Van Dusen

Friday, Nov. 8th
14:00 (8:00 EST) – Men 105 kg Class (~14 Lifters) – No USA Lifters
17:30 (11:30 EST) – Women 84kg & 84+kg Classes (~21 Lifters) – Liane Blyn & Tiffany McKinney

Saturday, Nov. 9th
11:00 (5:00 EST) – Men 120kg Class (~19 Lifters) – Steve Mann
14:30 (8:30 EST) – Men 120+kg Class (~18 Lifters) - Joe Cappellino



A total of 81 Women and 119 Men were nominated from 30 countries. This will be a slightly smaller meet than the World Powerlifting Championships last year in Puerto Rico. For a complete list of all 200 nominated lifters click here.


Get Connected with Social Media

The Norwegians have done an outstanding job (in my opinion) of developing an individualized competition brand and with establishing a strong social media presence (way before the competition has started). The bar is being raised higher and higher each year. Great job organizing committee, Eline Omland and Brit Haugseng!

Official World Powerlifting Championship Facebook Page
Official World Powerlifting Championship Twitter Feed: @wc2013powerlift
Official World Powerlifting Championship Android App

Instagram & Twitter Hashtag:  #powerliftwc2013


Links of Importance

The organizing committee went to “extremes” in creating an amazing website. Notice the pictures from “Pulpit Rock” on the website? Check out the video of the photo shoot. Count me out!

Official World Powerlifting Championship Website – Click Here 
IPF Website – Click Here 

To find live results and STREAMING VIDEO go to:  IPF/Goodlift Live Page – Click Here


Daily Reports

We will not be in attendance for the competition (too expensive at this point). However, we will be watching the streamed video just like most of you. We will highlight each day’s lifting with a brief report.

The majority of the meet will take place during the busy times of our schedule (morning and during work hours). Follow us on Twitter (@Plifting1) for up-to-date information about your favorite American lifters.  Make sure to also follow along with the IPF on Facebook and Twitter (@IPF_tweet) for their official meet reports from Stavenger.

Please consider signing up for free updates by entering your email address in the box below. Thanks, Trey

Preview and predictions coming next week!

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