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Posted by on Nov 4, 2013

Day 1 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Day 1 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds


The 2013 IPF Men’s & Women’s Open Powerlifting World Championships are underway in Stavenger, Norway! The 59kg and 66kg Men’s Division are in the books. Today was just the beginning of what looks to be a spectacular week on Powerlifting’s greatest stage.

Men – 59kg/130lb Class

Sergey Fedosienko (RUS) was once again unstoppable today. The only mishap he had was with his belt before he walked out his first attempt squat. Regardless, Sergey went 9 for 9 today with a 755kg/1,664lbs total and a Wilks of 688.54!

Hall-of-Famer Hiroyuki Isagawa (JAP), now at the age of 60 years old, squatted a new M3 World Record of 210kg/463lbs. He finished in 5th place with a total of 585kg/1,289lbs (also a M3 World Record).

Men – 66kg/145lb Class

When the Russians double-up in a weight class, there is a reason! Teammates Sergey Gladkikh and Konstantin Danilov were set to battle it out with another great lifter, Tsung-Ting Hsieh (TPE).

Four time world champion Sergey Gladkikh was the favorite coming into the meet. However, when Konstantin Danilov’s opening squat was posted, it was apparent that this was going to be close.

Gladkikh made all three squats and finished with 310kg/683lbs. Danilov only made his second attempt squat. It was a big one though. A new World Recored of 326.5kg/720lbs (I’m not sure he had another half kilo in him).

Danilov’s fortune went south by only making his opening attempt bench press of 185kg/407lbs. Gladkikh continued making attempts, he hit all three finishing with 205kg/452lbs.

Gladkikh looked to have everything locked up after a very smooth second attempt deadlift of 282.5kg/622lbs. However, Danilov was going to load up the necessary 287.5kg/633lbs to beat Gladkikh’s second attempt. It was a good pull (left doubt in one judge). Gladkikh then attempted 290kg/639lbs for the win. He was out of gas and came up short in his bid to defend his world title.

Tsung-Ting Hsieh (TPE), a great lifter himself (5x Open, 4x Junior, & World Games Champion) finished with the bronze and a 765kg/1,686lbs total.
Team USA had two lifters in the 66kg/145lb class lifting today. Doc Holloway and Mike Hafenbrack. I can’t say enough about these two guys. I spent a great deal of time with these two at Louisiana Tech, and I am proud of their performances today.

Doc has been plagued with injuries for the majority of his career, but he has been relatively healthy in order to put together a worthy performance today. Doc made all three squats finishing with 252.5kg/556lbs (slightly better than his July performance). He also made a great bench of 172.5/380lbs on his third attempt.

Doc has had a series of unfortunate deadlift performances at the World Championships. His window for keeping his balance is quite narrow. Today it seemed to happen during his opener after he successfully received the down command and properly controlled the bar down. He successfully made his second attempt of 255kg/562lbs. His third attempt was also off balance.

Doc finished with a 680kg/1,500lbs total and a 6th place total. Great job Doc!

Doc is listed on the roster for the Georgia & Southern States Meet in Atlanta this weekend. Will he lift?

Doc Holloway Mike Hafenbrack Photo by Zawilinski

Doc Holloway (left) and Mike Hafenbrack (Right) preparing for Bench. Photo by Mike Zawilinski

Also in the 66kg/145lbs class representing the United States was Mike Hafenbrack. Mike had a bit of an off day missing all three of his third attempts. On his third attempt deadlift, the weight popped off the ground quicker than expected, and he lost his balance forward at the top.

Mike finished the day with a 635kg/1,400lbs total. Mike, you represented USA well!

Quick thoughts about the broadcast

- The broadcast quality and commentary are great. It reminded me of watching Weightlifting on NBC during the Summer Olympic Games (Imagine Shane Hamman announcing, without the vulgar music). The slo-mo replays are amazing! More please!
- The platform is aesthetically pleasing; it is definitely the center of attention. Nice!
- The lighting is a little overboard. I love the spotlights, but they are little too focused. I would imagine the sponsors would like a little more reflection off the back wall.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Tuesday, Nov. 5th
14:00 (8:00 EST) – Women 47kg & 52 kg Classes (~21 Lifters) – Sue Elwyn & Juanita Najera
18:00 (Noon EST) – Men 74kg Class (~16 Lifters) – Tony Walton & Alexander Kang

Schedule for the rest of the week.


Current Team Points (unofficial)

Russia = 12+12+9 = 33
Ecuador = 7+3=10
Japan = 6+4 = 10
Poland = 9
Chinese Taipei = 8
Puerto Rico = 8
USA = 5+2 = 7
Finland = 7
Brazil = 6

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