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Posted by on Nov 7, 2013

Day 4 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Day 4 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds


The intensity of the meet is rising! The crowd is getting louder! The commentators are getting bolder!  Day 4 of the 2013 IPF Open Powerlifting World Championships are in the books.

Men – 93kg/205lb Class

Two of Team USA’s youngest lifters Luis Jaimes and Charlie Conner lifted today.

Luis Jamies (Northeastern University Alum) started his day sluggish in the squat (so did Charlie). He finished with 305kg/672lbs on his third attempt. This was 25kg/55lbs lower than his performance at the World Championships last years in Puerto Rico. However, he was also 12.17kg lighter last year. He has been consistently lifting at a lighter body weight since the 2012 collegiate nationals.

Luis Jaimes

Luis made all three benches (2-1 lights on his third), finishing with 245kg/540lbs. He then made three successful deadlifts (280kg/617lbs).

He finished with a total of 830kg/1,830lbs. This total gave him 12th place overall in a very deep weight class. Even though his total is down a bit from his performance (875kg/1,929lbs) last year, his Wilks score stayed the same. I would imagine that Luis is working towards more long-term goals in the 93kg class.

Charlie Conner from Tennessee came into competition today with a medal on his mind.

Because there were 18 lifters in the 93kg class, the session was split into two flights. Charlie and Luis were put in the first flight (Flight B).

After Charlie’s first squat, he looked very strong. His second attempt of 330kg/727lbs was nice. Even though it was easy, he was called for “insufficient depth” on his third attempt squat.

Charlie opened 260kg/573lbs for his opener. The lift did not look so great from a spectators standpoint, but the coaching staff saw something completely different. The last inch of descent to his chest was very slow and difficult. The shirt was dialed in perfectly.

He destroyed 270kg/595lbs (his personal record) on his second attempt; the 10kg jump to 280kg/617lbs was very justifiable. 280kg/617lbs was a gutsy lift and he made it!

Charlie then waited to see what the lifters from the following flight bench pressed in order to determine if he place in the bench (actually he was just warming up for deadlift).

Also in this class was Jan Wegiera (POL), the current world record holder in the bench press (not to mention a long career in just dominating the bench press).

Jan finished with a 290kg/639lbs bench. The next highest bench in that flight was Sergii Bilyi (UKR) with 277.5kg/611lbs (Junior World Record). Charlie was able to take the silver from the B flight, which is a great accomplishment.

During deadlift, Charlie lost his balance on his second attempt and fell to the platform. However, he came back and made it look easy on his third attempt (280kg/617lbs). Yes, that was what he bench pressed too. The announcers then took the opportunity to mention Wade Hooper‘s deadlift (They ended up saying nice things about Wade as the day went on).

Charlie finished with an 890kg/1,962lbs total which is a new personal record. He finished in 10th place overall.

Luis and Charlie were both outstanding collegiate lifters who have moved to the open ranks in recent years. Both of these guys have a lot of potential and will hopefully be representing Team USA for years to come.

As expected, the winner of the 93kg class came down to the last deadlift (last several deadlifts). Mikhaylo Bulanyy (UKR) had the largest deadlift (350kg/771lbs). He edged out (982.5kg/2,166lbs to 980kg/2,160lbs) teammate Sergii Bilyi (UKR) and Servey Mashintcov (RUS) for the win.


Women – 63kg/138lb Class

The international veteran Alyssa Hitchcock (USA) did not have the performance that we are accustomed to seeing from this great lifter.

She made all three of her squats; she finished with 200kg/441lbs.


Photo by Mike Zawilinski

Alyssa showed great composure and guts to make her third attempt deadlift of 212.5kg/468lbs after missing her second attempt (207.5kg/457lbs) with balance issues. That attempt was for a bronze in the deadlift. Way to fight Alyssa!

Alyssa placed 7th with a 520kg/1,146lbs total.

With more titles than one can count (except 2008 Women’s Worlds), Larysa Solovyova (UKR) easily won with a new world record total of 638kg/1,406lbs. She slightly pushed the Wilks record higher to 686.49.


Women – 72kg/158lb Class

After taking about five years off from powerlifting, Katie Van Dusen (USA) says she returned with a new attitude, and she is looking forward to having fun. She now lives in Houston and trains with Tony Cardella, Rowena Lopez, and Mike Hafenbrack.

Katie looked like she was having fun today. She went 8 for 9 with a total of 535kg/1,179lbs. This is an improvement from her performance at the Women’s National championships.

Every lift was easy for the Gold medalist Ana Castellain (BRA). I completely overestimated the battle that I thought was going to occur with Ana and Yulia Medvedeva (RUS). Ana Castellain finished with a world record squat (255kg/562lbs) and a world record total (642.5/1,416lbs).


Tomorrow’s Schedule:

Friday, Nov. 8th
14:00 (8:00 EST) – Men 105 kg Class (~14 Lifters) – No USA Lifters
18:00 (Noon EST) – Women 84kg & 84+kg Classes (~21 Lifters) – Liane Blyn & Tiffany McKinney


In case you missed:

Day 1 Report – Doc Holloway & Mike Hafenbrack
Day 2 Report – Sue Elwyn, Alexander Kang, & Tony Walton
Day 3 Report – Rowena Lopez


Current Team Points (unofficial)

Russia = 12+12+9+8+6 = 47
Ukraine = 12+9+9+9+8 = 47
Poland = 12+9+6 = 27
Chinese Taipei = 8+8+4 = 20
Ecuador = 7+7+3+1=18
Norway = 12+4 = 16
Japan = 6+4+3+1+1 = 15
USA = 5+5+2+1+1 = 14

Russia = 12+9+9+9+7 = 46
Ukraine = 12+9+9+8+7 = 45
Chinese Taipei = 12+8+7+2 = 29
USA = 7+6+4+4+1 = 22
Indonesia = 12+8 = 20


Official Results can be found on Goodlift’s Website


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