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Posted by on Nov 8, 2013

Day 5 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Day 5 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds


The 34th Women’s World Powerlifting Championships have come to a spectacular close. Today’s action was quite intense with a profound influence by the crowd. The excitement of the Men’s 105kg class was amazing, but it did not overshadow the impressive lifting of the Women’s 84kg & 84+kg classes.


Men – 105kg/231lb Class (NO USA LIFTERS)

This class featured a highly anticipated battle between Anibal Coimbra (LUX), Vadym Doveganuk (UKR), & Konstantin Lebdedko (RUS).

Lebedko took the early lead with a huge squat of 405kg/892lbs. The question of the day wat whether or not Coimbra could close the lead gap in the deadlift that Dovganyuk was going to have after bench press.

Dovganyuk set a new world record in bench press of 323kg/712lbs and held a significant lead going into the deadlift.

During deadlift, Dovganyuk finished with a sticky attempt of 325kg/716lbs for a new world record total of 1,050.5kg/2,316lbs. Both Lebedko and Coimbra loaded the bar up for the world record and the world title. Both men cracked the floor, but the weight was too much today.


Women – 84kg/185lb Class

Liane Blyn, a high school strength and conditioning coach, had another great day at her 6th Women’s World Championships.

Liane started the day off going 6 for 6, which included an easy third attempt squat of 232.5kg/512lbs and a Master 1 World Record bench press of 177.5kg/391lbs.

Liane pulled 212.5kg on her second attempt deadlift. She was strong! What will it take for the win?

The coaching staff loaded 235kg on her third attempt (after Ielja Strik missed her third) for the win. She made a very respectable and valient try. Great effort Liane!

Congrats to Liane Blyn (USA) for placing 2nd at the IPF Women’s World Powerlifting Championships, with a M1 world record bench press (Silver), the gold deadlift medal, and a new PR total of 622.5kg/1,372lbs!

Ielja Strik (NED) won her fourth Women’s world championships with a 645kg/1,422lbs total.


Women – 84+kg/185+lb Class

Two-time Junior World Champion, Tiffany McKinney made her debut on the Women’s Worlds platform.

Tiffany went 8 for 9 today with a new personal record total of 622.5kg/1,372lbs and a 5th place finish. Tiffany lifted 232.5kg/512lbs in the squat, 190kg/418lbs in the bench, and 200kg/441lbs in the deadlift.

Great job Tiffany! Tiffany is only 24 years old, and looks to be consistantly improving her total at each meet.

Olga Gemaletdinova (RUS) blew the competition away with several world records including a huge total of 753kg/1,660lbs That is hard to imagine, but the way she made her lifts with ease was crazy.


Tomorrow’s Schedule (FINAL DAY)

The attention now turns to the final day of lifting tomorrow; showcasing the Men’s 120kg & 120+kg classes. Team USA lifters Steve Mann and Joe Cappelino are ready to go!

Here is a link to the teaser for tomorrow’s action.  Who are they overlooking?

Saturday, Nov. 9th
11:00 (5:00 EST) – Men 120kg Class (~19 Lifters) – Steve Mann
14:30 (8:30 EST) – Men 120+kg Class (~18 Lifters) – Joe Cappellino


Team Points (unofficial)

Russia = 12+12+9+9+9 = 51
Ukraine = 12+9+9+8+8 = 46
Chinese Taipei = 12+8+7+7+5 = 39
Norway = 9+8+7+5+3 = 32
USA = 9+7+6+6+4 = 32

Ukraine = 12+12+9+9+9 = 51
Russia = 12+12+9+9+8 = 50
Norway = 12+7+6+4 = 29
Poland = 12+9+6 = 27
Chinese Taipei = 8+8+4 = 20
Ecuador = 7+7+3+1=18
Japan = 6+4+3+1+1 = 15
USA = 5+5+2+1+1 = 14

Official Results can be found on Goodlift’s Website



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