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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013

Day 6 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Day 6 Report – IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Carl Yngvar Christensen (NOR) squats 475kg/1047lbs, but loses to Andrey Konovalov (RUS) who totaled a new Powerlifting World Record of 1187.5kg/2,618lbs!

The 2013 IPF World Powerlifitng Championships have concluded. The events that occurred during lifting today will be talked about for years to come.


Men – 120kg/264lb Class

Representing Team USA was the classy veteran Steve Mann. Steve, Penn State Alum, has been competing in powerlifting for over 20 years. He is in his prime right now and was ready to compete for a medal at the world championships.

Steve Mann Powerlifting

Steve looked great in his squats. He finished with a fast second attempt of 390kg/859lbs. His third attempt of 405kg/892lbs looked identical. However, he was called for depth. Both Steve and Jorgen Hansen (NOR) were the only ones called for depth, but they were as deep as the rest of the top lifters.

Judging was lackadaisical during this flight, to say the least (I wrote this before Steve’s last squat).

In bench press, Steve’s second attempt of 295kg/650lbs was tough. Adjustments were made before his third attempt of 300kg/661lbs. But he could not lock it out. 295kg/650lbs was a new personal best.

After bench press, Steve was sitting in 4th place ahead of Jorgen Hansen (NOR) and with Jorgen having the stronger deadlift, he looked to have the advantage.

Steve’s opening deadlift was 277.5kg/611lbs; he absolutely smoked it. However, on his second attempt, a different guy walked out to the platform. 297.5/655lbs looked slow, sluggish, and not erect. The judges thought the same thing; the lift was turned down 2-1.

Jorgen pulled 320kg/705lbs on his first attempt and 337.5/744lbs on his third attempt. He moved ahead of Steve. Team USA’s coaching staff were left shaking their heads by what had just occurred.

The coaching staff had no choice but to increase the weight 2.5kg to 300kg/661lbs to clip Jorgen for fourth place (if he missed his third).

Which Steve would we see on his third attempt? Yes, the gamer showed up on his third attempt and he smoked it. He held the weight at the top after he received the down command while he was nodding to the crowd and thanking them for their support (or was he letting them know the Norwegian had to pull his third attempt).

Jorgen and his coaches made the decision to attempt 350kg/771lbs on his third attempt which would have earned the silver in deadlift. It was just a little too much today. With this miss, Steve earned 4th place.

Hats off to Steve Mann (USA) for finishing fourth at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships in Norway. He finished with a 985kg/2,171lbs total. Great job, Steve!

The winner of the 120kg was Oleksiy Rokochiy (UKR). He set a new world record total of 1075kg/2,369lbs. His dominance was stamped after completion of his huge third attempt deadlift of 367.5kg/810lbs.


Men – 120+kg/264+lb Class

The class that everyone has been talking about for months (and will be talking about for years) was the 120+kg class. It was loaded with the worlds strongest men; several are considered to be the strongest of all-time (maybe a little premature?).

Representing Team USA was Joe Cappellino. Big Joe put on a great performance at the Men’s National Championships in Killeen this summer. He made a large statement at that meet that he was the premier super heavy in the U.S. amongst some outstanding lifters (i.e. Blaine Sumner and Randall Harris). Today was Joe’s first IPF Men’s Open World Powerlifting Championships.

Joe opened with 390kg/859lbs in the squat with no problem. His second attempt became a very trying situation for him and the coaching staff. Complications with the previous lifter and the time clock caused a huge disturbance right before Joe’s second attempt. This was very unfortunate for Joe. Because of the complications, Joe was awarded his second attempt at the conclusion of the second attempts.

On his second attempt, he successfully made 407.5kg/898lbs. All seemed to be fine, until you factor in that Joe had roughly 5 minutes to recover and to prepare for his third attempt. A conservative attempt of 417.5kg/920lbs was attempted. Joe just didn’t have enough recovery time for this to be possible. It was a tough break.

Joe Cappellino Powerlifting

During the first round of squats a close competitor, Hans Magne Baardtvet (NOR) also had a very unfortunate issue with a spotter touching the weights. He only made his third attempt of 405kg/892lbs (which was his opening weight).

Joe surprised many of the competitors with his improvement in the bench press. He made a 332.5kg/733lbs third attempt. This was a 17.5kg increase from Men’s Nationals in July.

All three deadlifts were very successful. His last deadlift looked very nice (322.5kg/733lbs). I personally think he had 7.5 more kilos in him for the nice round total of 1,100kg. However, I agree with the call to secure 4th place.

Baardtvet’s deadlift attempt for 4th place was just a little too much.

Joe Cappellino finished with a great total of 1092.5kg/2,408lbs and finished in 4th place at his first Men’s Open World Powerlifting meet. Only time will tell if he continues to improve and contest the big three. He has a very promising future. Great job, Joe!

Speaking of the big three. The anticipated battle with Testov (UKR)Christiansen (NOR), and Konovalov (RUS) was not a let down. The battle was every bit as advertisement.

The amazement started when both Carl Yngvar Christensen “CYC” and Andrey Konovalov went straight to the world record squat on their second attempts. Konovalov missed (got on his third), but Christensen absolutely destroyed it. The crowd went wild.

Carl Yngvar Christensen (NOR) then blew everyone away with how easy he came up with the new world record of 475kg/1,047lbs!

Here is the YouTube Video…Link

Testov would not be counted out. He set a new world record bench press of 370kg/815lbs. The competition was tighter than the digital access into the warm-up room heading into deadlift.

I will say that the 120+kg class did not end as I played it out in my head. The conclusion did not play out like every one that I have spoken too (who was watching from the U.S).  I can guarantee that it didn’t play out like the enormous Norwegian crowd assembled at the competition hall thought it would.

Konovalov pulled 365kg/804lbs on his third attempt to finish with the new world record total of 1187.5kg/2,618lbs. Testov missed 367.5kg/810lbs on his third.

370kg/815lbs was put in for Carl Yngvar Christiansen. 370kg/815lbs was to secure the silver medal. Personally, I would have put in 385kg/848lbs for the win (before I saw how solid 370kg was). But what do I know, I am just watching on the live stream like the rest of you.

As much as I (and many others) wanted CYC to go 385kg, the Ukrainian coach wanted it even more. With Konovalov’s first place, Russia tied Ukraine with 54 points and won the team title based on Wilks points.

Team USA put together a nice placing of fifth place. Considering that the highest placing was fourth and a team full of young lifters, this was a great accomplishment. Expect a higher finish next year.


Five take-aways from the 120+kg class:

All three of these men equaled or exceed their personal best in all of the three lifts and totals (except Testov’s deadlift -5kg).

Andrey Konovalov (RUS) did not have the highest squat, bench, or deadlift (but he put up the highest total in IPF history!).

The bronze medal for squat went to…wait for it…Ahmed Hassanin from Egypt. Ahmed came out of nowhere (Egypt) and squatted 455kg/1,003lbs; he finished 9th overall.

Viktor Testov (UKR) placed third in the 120+kg class. However, he had a higher Wilks formula than both Konovalov and Christiansen! He finished 3rd in overall Wilks (behind Fedosienko and Olech).

The most amazing take-away is the thought of…a REMATCH! In DENVER, CO, USA!


In case you missed:

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Day 2 Report – Sue Elwyn, Alexander Kang, & Tony Walton
Day 3 Report – Rowena Lopez
Day 4 Report – Charlie Conner (Bench Silver) & Alyssa Hitchcock (Deadlift Bronze)
Day 5 Report – Liane Blyn (Silver OVERALL)

Team Points (unofficial)

Russia = 12+12+12+9+9 = 54
Ukraine = 12+9+9+8+7 = 45
Chinese Taipei = 12+8+8+7+5 = 40
Norway = 9+8+7+5+3 = 32
USA = 9+7+6+6+4 = 32

Russia = 12+12+12+9+9 = 54
Ukraine = 12+12+12+9+9 = 54
Norway = 12+9+7+6+6 = 40
Poland = 12+9+6 = 27
USA = 7+7+5+5+2 = 26
Chinese Taipei = 8+8+4 = 20


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