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Posted by on Nov 15, 2013

Final Thoughts – 2013 IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds

Final Thoughts – 2013 IPF Open Powerlifting Worlds


It has been several days after the meet and I am still thinking about some of the great lifting that I watched during the 2013 IPF Men’s and Women’s World Powerlifting Championships in Stavenger, Norway. Below are a few of my final thoughts and some additional information that I have put together.

Doc Holloway Mike Hafenbrack Photo by Zawilinski

Doc Holloway (left) and Mike Hafenbrack (Right) preparing for Bench. Photo by Mike Zawilinski

Team USA’s Coaching Staff

Led by head coach Robert Keller, the coaching staff had their work cut out for them. With a mix of veteran lifters and first-timers, the coaching staff did a great job of getting the best out of each lifter.

Sue Elwyn & Coach Rob Keller

Sue Elwyn & Coach Rob Keller

I had the opportunity to talk with James Townsend, Team USA Assistant Coach, before the last day of lifting. James was quite excited about how everyone was performing. “Overall, the team performed well. We will be able to take this week, learn from mistakes, and definitely build for the future.”

Jokingly I asked how dialed in Charlie Conner‘s bench shirt was. “Charlie maximizes the shirt as well as anyone in the world; Tiffany McKinney is not far behind!”

Head Coach – Robert Keller
Asst. Coach – James Townsend
Asst. Coach – Mike Zawilinski
Asst. Coach – Bill Helmich

Also serving in a very important role are the officials and administrators representing the USAPL at the competition.

Administrator/Referee – Johnny Graham (IPF Vice-President)
Referee – Eliot Feldman


I went 11 for 15 (73%) with my predictions for this meet, which is not really that good. Someone who knows absolutely nothing about Powerlifting could have picked 8/15 (53%) just from looking at the nominations.

The surprise of the meet for me was Danilov beating Gladkikh (66kg). I was also wrong to underestimate the non-European female lifters by not picking Sri Hartati (INA) and Ana Castellain (BRA). Lesson learned.

I did get several emails that questioned my picks for the last four Men’s weight classes. However, all four of them won.

Most impressive lifts (all squats)

3. Wei-Ling Chen (TPE) – Squat of 197.5kg/435lbs weighing 46.56kg/102.6lbs.
2. Carl Yngvar Christensen (NOR) – Squat of 475kg/1,047lbs.
1. Jaroslaw Olech (POL) – Squat of 367.5kg/810lbs weighing 73.32kg/161.6lbs (Do the math).

New World Records

14 of 15 of the lifters who won each weight class broke at least one World Record (individual lift or total) in the process. The only lifter who did not was Mikhaylo Bulanyy, he was only 2.5kg from the World Standard total!

11 of 15 weight classes have new World Record totals.

Only two open world records were set in deadlift; both by females: Chen @ 47kg & Gemaletdinova @ 84+kg.

Five take-aways from the 120+kg class (Reposted from Day 6):

5. The bronze medal for squat went to…wait for it…Ahmed Hassanin from Egypt. Ahmed came out of nowhere (Egypt) and squatted 455kg/1,003lbs; he finished 9th overall.

4. All three of the medalists equaled or exceeded their personal best in all of three lifts and totals (except Testov’s deadlift -5kg)

3. Viktor Testov (UKR) placed third in the 120+kg class. However, he had a higher Wilks formula than both Konovalov and Christiansen! He finished 3rd in overall Wilks (behind Fedosienko and Olech)

2. Andrey Konovalov (RUS) did not have the highest squat, bench or deadlift (but he put up the highest total in IPF history!)

1. The most amazing take-away is the thought of…a REMATCH! In DENVER, CO, USA!

2014 RAW/Classic Word Championships

To be held in Johannesburg, South Africa (originally awarded to Kazakstan), this competition will now include a Masters division.

Future Meets

Minutes from the IPF General Assembly have been released and the IPF calendar has been adjusted to reflect bids awarded for 2016 World Championships.

Masters Bench Press – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Open, SJ, & JR, Bench Press – Potchefstrom, South Africa
RAW/Classic Open, SJ, & JR Championships – Killeen, TX, USA
Sub-Junior & Junior Championships – Wraclaw, Poland (Site of 2017 World Games?)
Men’s & Women’s Open Championships – Paris, France


- Knee sleeves must be able to be put on without assistance (Page 58 of General Assembly Minutes)

- The Norwegians set the bar high for the future of streamed powerlifting meets. Truly unbelievable!

- Thanks to Steve Mann for taking the time (over the last several months) to provide an insiders perspective to his training and preparation for the World Championships. Here is the video he made immediately following his 4th place performance.

- IPF Newsletter released Thursday (Link)

- This is a cool video that I found this week. It has very little to do with Powerlifting. However, it is a very interesting marketing campaign by the organizers of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (2 months away) in a campaign they call “Olympic Changes”.


In case you missed:
Day 1 Report – Doc Holloway & Mike Hafenbrack
Day 2 Report – Sue Elwyn, Alexander Kang, & Tony Walton
Day 3 Report – Rowena Lopez
Day 4 Report – Charlie Conner (Bench Silver) & Alyssa Hitchcock (Deadlift Bronze)
Day 5 Report – Liane Blyn (Silver OVERALL)
Day 6 Report – Steve Mann & Joe Cappellino


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