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Posted by on Nov 2, 2013

Predictions – Open World Powerlifting Championships

Predictions – Open World Powerlifting Championships


The Women’s and Men’s Open World Powerlifting Championships are set to begin Monday morning. Held in Stavenger, Norway, the majority of Team USA has landed, and they are ready to compete with the 200 strongest athletes on the planet.


First order of business
In a previous article we discussed the IPF General Assembly which will be held Sunday, November 3rd.

Our last article included:

Schedule Note
Included in the Official IPF Press Release (10/31) was a slight adjustment in the time schedule: Thursday, Nov. 7th – The women’s 63kg & 72kg class sessions were combined. New start times for Charlie Conner, Luis Jaimes, Alyssa Hitchcock, & Katie Van Dusen can be found here (still subject to change).

Time Difference
Stavenger, Norway is in the CET time zone which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the United States. This link will help to determine your time in relation to Stavenger, Norway.


Team USA Lifters

Women’s Team
Sue Elwyn (47kg) – Multi-time Masters World Champion & USAPL Women’s Hall of Fame
Juanita Najera (52kg) – Arnold & NAPF Champion
Rowena Lopez (57kg) – Arnold Champion & Open World Competitor
Alyssa Hitchcock (63kg) – IPF Junior World Champion & World Games Competitor
Katie Van Dusen (72kg) – IPF SubJunior World Champion & NAPF Champion
Liane Blyn (84kg) – IPF Open World Champion (2006, Stavenger) & 2 X World Games Competitor
Tiffany McKinney (84+kg) – IPF Junior World Champion

Men’s Team
Doc Holloway (66kg) – IPF Junior World Champion & Men’s Open World Medalist (Silver & Bronze)
Michael Hafenbrack (66kg) – IPF Junior World Champion
Tony Walton (74kg) – First International Competition
Alexander Kang (74kg) – Arnold Champion
Charlie Conner (93kg) – IPF Junior World Medalist (Bronze)
Luis Jaimes (93kg) – Fourth International Competition
Steve Mann (120kg) – International Veteran
Joe Cappellino (120+kg) – Arnold Champion and Junior World Competitor


Recent Team USA Success

Women’s Open
2012-Puerto Rico (4th) – Priscilla Ribic (Bronze) & Liane Blyn (Bronze)
2011-Czech Republic (4th) – Priscilla Ribic (Gold) & Liane Blyn (Bronze)
2010-South Africa (6th) – Liane Blyn (Bronze)
2009-India (7th)
2008-Canada (2nd) – Priscilla Ribic (Gold), Liane Blyn (Silver), & Jessica O’Donnell (Gold)

Men’s Open
2012-Puerto Rico (5th)
2011-Czech Republic (9th)
2010-South Africa (4th) – Knute Douglas (Bronze), Nick Weite (Silver) & Brad Gillingham (Bronze)
2009-India (8th) – Greg Wagner (Bronze)
2008-Canada (3rd) – Wade Hooper (Silver), Dan Williams (Gold), Dave Ricks (Bronze), Mike Mastrean (Bronze), & Michael Tuchscherer (Silver)


Steve Mann Powerlifting

The bar will be loaded for Steve Mann (USA)


47kg Class – Wei-Ling Chen (TPE) – Fukushima not coming
52kg Class – Natalia Salnikova (RUS) – World Games momentum
57kg Class – Anna Ryzhkova (RUS) – Will be a battle if Sri (IND) shows up
63kg Class – Larysa Soloviova (UKR) – Unstoppable! 700 Wilks?
72kg Class – Yulia Medvedeva (RUS) – Will come down to last deadlift
84kg Class – Ielja Strik (NED) – Competition site will be packed to watch this class
84+kg Class – Olga Gemaletdinova (RUS)

59kg Class – Sergey Fedosienko (RUS) – Outstanding Lifter and a new all-time high Wilks?
66kg Class – Sergey Gladkikh (RUS)
74kg Class – Jaroslaw Olech (POL)
83kg Class – Eugeniy Vasyukov (RUS) – Most competitive class; It will take new World Record to win. Will the crowd help pull the huge upset by Bakkelund (NOR)?
93kg Class – Mikhaylo Bulanyy (UKR) – Wide Open
105kg Class – Anibal Coimbra (LUX) Vadym Dovganyuk (UKR)
120kg Class – Oleksiy Rokochiy (UKR)
120+kg Class – Andrey Konovalov (RUS) – Anything can happen with this weight class!

Team USA’s best chances for a medal
- Liane Blyn (prediction Silver)
- Steve Mann (prediction Silver)
- Joe Cappallino (prediction Bronze)
- Alyssa Hitchcock
- Doc Holloway
- Tiffany McKinney


Joe Cappallino (120+kg Class)

Live Broadcasting

Live broadcasting of the competition will be high quality with live results. Goodlift (responsible for all World Powerlifting Championships) is by far the best producers of streaming powerlifting in the world.



Who is the IPF?

The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), led by President Gaston Parage (LUX), is the international governing organization of powerlifting. The IPF was founded in 1972 and has been the entity organizing and promoting international powerlifting ever since. The IPF has a strong commitment to drug-free and fair competition with recognitions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), SportAccord, and the International World Games Association (IWGA).

I highly encourage you to visit the IPF website, as well as, read a great article on the history of the IPF. Great stuff!


Official Twitter and Instragram Hashtag



The majority of the meet will take place during the busy times of our schedule (morning and during work hours). Follow us on Twitter (@Plifting1) for up-to-date information about your favorite American lifters. Make sure to follow along with the IPF on Facebook and Twitter (@IPF_tweet) for their official meet reports from Stavenger.

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