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Posted by on Dec 12, 2013

Platform Report – DEC 2013

Platform Report – DEC 2013


USAPL Southern Raw Championships

December 14, 2013 – Revolution Fitness – Hattiesburg, MS (Full Results)
Meet Director: Jeff Douglas

Ray Williams

Ray Williams once again makes a statement that he is one of the strongest men on the planet!

Regardless of only making his opening squat, he improved considerably since Raw nationals with a huge Open American Raw Record Total of 987.5kg/2,177lbs.

Ray Williams after the meet, “I have to focus on getting stronger and fine tuning my techniques. I know what works for me, but I have several bad habits like getting caught up in the moment and not waiting on lift commands. I will get better, but it will take getting in the lab and grinding everyday.”

He opened with 410kg/903lbs in the squat and it was easy (same unsuccessful third attempt weight at Raw Nationals). His second and third attempts were strong out of the hole, but he was unable to keep his knees locked out for the rack command.

During bench press, he moved to 230kg/507lbs on his second attempt, and he smoked it. His successful third attempt bench press was an impressive 237.5kg/523lbs.

Ray went 340kg/749lbs on his opening deadlift. He then took two attempts at 362.5kg/799lbs. His third attempt was the closest to lock out.

“Today I learned that even though I work hard in between these meets I have to work harder and get better because the world championships [South Africa] are very important to me.

I have to continue to grind, and to get better there are so many holes in my game.  No matter how I finish at these meets all I see is what I am doing wrong, but I will continue to make my grind undeniable, and to give all Glory to God.  Without Him and His favor I would be nothing.” – Ray Williams

Ray Williams lifting today (from Mississippi state chairman Jim Battenfield)



Regardless of how much weight Ray Williams lifted, the crowd was eagerly looking forward to watching Michael Whities‘ lifts.

Watch (220kg/485lbs squat)!




USAPL American Open Powerlifting Championships

December 7-8, 2013 – King of Prussia, PA
Meet Director: Robert Keller

Guest article by: Roy Apostle
Photo by: Zach Cooper

This past weekend the 2013 American Open Powerlifting Championships was held in King of Prussia, PA (in conjunction with  Police/Fire Nationals). The meet featured many lifters from throughout the country including a great number of lifters from the Northeast. The location and the sudden spike in powerlifters within the northeast region resulted in a three platform meet that spanned two days.

Three aspects of the meet stick out in my mind as being particularly significant:

3. Heather Crocker is back.

Heather Crocker returned to the platform after taking an 18-month hiatus following a back injury. The Northeastern University alum was in top form this weekend; she easily cruised to a win in the 67.5kg weight class in the female open equipped division.

Crocker’s 447.5kg/986lbs total translated to a very impressive 506.8 Wilks, earning her the title of Champion of Champions at this year’s American Open Powerlifting Championships. Crocker will be someone to watch this coming year as she aims to retake the national stage.

American Open Powerlifting


2. Penn State Powerlifting

Penn State Powerlifting showed up in force at the American Open. The team entered many of their best lifters. The energy demonstrated, both on and off the platform, this weekend was incredible.

Penn State lifters that won their weight class included:
Ed Schreiner (100kg/220lb Class) with a total of 642.5 kg/1,416lbs, and Paul Kemper (110kg/242lb Class) who had a combined total of 695kg/1,532lbs.

In the 67.5kg/148lbs weight class, Penn State’s Mitchel Gruver came in second (437.5kg/964lbs total) behind Boston College’s Joe Cassaro (487.5kg/1,074lbs total).

The Penn State team has grown significantly over the past few years, and will be a team to watch heading into the 2014 Collegiate Nationals in Orlando.

1. Raw Lifting has Volume in the Northeast

Like previous years, raw lifters outnumbered equipped lifters at the American Open Powerlifting Championships. However, the volume of raw lifters was quite impressive.

Don’t get me wrong, I (Roy Apostle) am a geared lifter at heart, and I prefer equipped divisions, but the American Open reiterated how powerful of a force raw lifting has become over the past few years (demonstrated here in the Northeast). In addition, many of the lifters that competed in the equipped divisions were in fact lifting without the aid of squat suits or bench shirts.

The American Open is continued proof that the growing popularity in raw lifting will increase and that Raw Nationals and the Arnold Classic will only become more exciting.

Once again, Rob Keller put on a fantastic meet. Managing a three platform meet with almost 350 lifters over two days takes a great deal of effort.

Additional thanks goes to Mike Zawilinski and the entire Northeastern University Powerlifting team who made the trip down from Boston to help spot, load, and to provide Mr. Keller with logistical support.

Next year’s American Open will be held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Results of the American Open Powerlifting Championships can be found on the USA Powerlifting Results Page (included under 2013 Rankings).



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